Following in her sister’s footsteps, Elizabeth Olsen’s style is making heads turn on the red carpet and beyond.

The “Avengers: Age of Ultron” movie star playing the Scarlet Witch showed up to the movie’s L.A. premiere in a two-piece Galvan Dress with a navy maxi-skirt that has a thigh-high slit and silk-trim.

Yet that was not the talk of her outfit. It was her gold zapping collar necklace that caught everyone’s attention.

“It’s the chain I put around my neck. And at the moment I start to go into someone’s mind, I get zapped!” Olsen exclaims.

Elizabeth describes her dress guidelines as something “casual and easy to wear.”



“Am I going to feel like myself in a dress? Do I feel confident as me?” are her major questions that she asks herself to prevent picking out a dress that wears her.

Olsen knew how to pair her outfit perfectly not only with a choker but with a scarlet lip and simple strappy heels.

She also sported a lighter-do since the last time she made a red carpet debut. Olsen seemed to add blonde highlights onto her light brown locks.

Olsen also reveals to People why she isn’t on any social media sites.

“If I were ever hacked, it would only be hundreds and hundreds of videos of me lip syncing in my car. If I did, that would be the only thing on it,” She tells People.

You heard it: lip syncing in her car. She shows off her dorky personality to show that stars are just like everyone else.

“I send [the videos] to others — there’s a group of maybe 12 people, and everyone gets one. And it’s been going on for a couple years. It’s a whole other skill,” She reveals.

Olsen is never one to flaunt her effortless style but she flaunts it in Flaunt Magazine’s May Issue.

She can is also seen front row at top designers’ runway shows during Fashion Week like the Miu Miu show alongside fellow movie star Lupita Nyong’o.

Image Via Flickr/Celebs-Life