This past Friday, Eva Longoria appeared in a video from the Democratic National Committee about Mike’s Pence’s “Mexican Thing” comment he made during the vice presidential debate.

Eva Longoria stated to Governor Pence that we are not a thing and that we are proud American citizens. Longoria also stated that we are mothers and fathers who work hard to provide a better future for our children. The actress also stated that we are children who study hard and dream of giving praise to the country we love.

During the debate, Pence responded to Tim Kaine’s comments and claimed he whipped out that “Mexican Thing” again. Kaine was reportedly referring to a comment Donald Trump made when he announced his presidential candidacy around June 2015. Trump stated that Mexico is sending people who are considered bad and have the worst problems. The republican candidate also claimed that these Mexican citizens were bringing in drugs and crime to the country, stating that these citizens were also rapists.

After the debate, Democrats decided to use the Republican’s vice president nominee Pence’s comment to create a separate campaign website, which correlates to Hilary Clinton’s campaign website. Not only is #ThatMexicanThing campaign trending on Twitter, but it has attracted a lot of followers and attention from the Latino population.

Fusion TV Network anchor Jorge Ramos commented his opinion on Twitter that the democrat’s new campaign will determine who will be the next president. Ramos continued to state that he really believes that no one can be elected into office without the Latino vote

Not only did Longoria’s video asks voters to keep the post-debate discussion alive, but she also urged her viewers to register to vote. In the Democratic National Committee video, she directs viewers how and where to register.

Eva Longoria recently spoke at the last Democratic National Convention this past July and stated during her speech that Trump was insulting American families with his rude comments.