Everything you Need to Know About the Galaxy S6 Edge

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Samsung has officially released their new line of phones: the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

Samsung announced the new details of this new product back in early March at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and fans were surprised to see its drastic changes.

Cnet.com calls it “The Android phone to beat for 2015.”

Although the phone has only been out for a few weeks it has already gained 4 ½ stars on ATT.com and Verizonwirless.com

The phone has been on sale since April 10, and users are starting to notice the differences between the Galaxy S6 Edge and S5.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a new and improved look.
Via Samsung

Fans of the phone line may be disappointed to see that there is no way to remove the back of the phone new phone. Until now this came standard with the Samsung Galaxy line. This decision was made to give the phone a sleeker look, even if the difference is small.

With the disappearance of the removable battery also goes the slot for extra storage. In previous phones there was a slot under the battery pack for an extra memory with the SD memory card.

Samsung made up for this change by creating their phones with a standard of 32GB. If users are still concerned about their memory, they have an option to pay $100-$200 more for 64GB or 128GB.

Another option to the problem with storage is that users are offered a free two years of 115GB connectivity to Microsoft OneDrive.

A new feature that users might enjoy is Multi Window. This is something neither Galaxy nor iPhone has had before. It allows for users to have two different windows open, and to use them simultaneously.

According to Verizonwireless.com, users can, “Watch a YouTube™ video while searching for movie times on the web, or check social media and your social calendar at the same time.”

In the past this has been provided to users with the Windows operating system, and the feature has now come to their phone.

For those on the fence about whether or not the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge is for them, it’s important to consider the differences between the two phones. The Galaxy S6 Edge has rounded edges, allowing for users to have easier access to their contacts by swiping over from the right side of the screen. Another physical difference to note is that the Galaxy S6 Edge is also 0.15 MM longer than the Galaxy S6.

Similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have what is being called “Samsung Pay”. This allows users of the newest galaxy phone to payments by just pulling out their phone.

Bgr.com explained that Samsung Pay of different payment techniques.

“As a result, merchants will not have to invest any time or money in additional equipment for handling wireless transactions initiated on a Galaxy S6 model.”

So far, this feature will only be available in a limited number of countries.

Both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are available in gold, white and black. While the Galaxy S6 Edge is available in an exclusive color: green.

Which phone users choose will really depend on how much these differences make to them. For those who are worried about this change is design, it’s best to go into a store to try it out yourself.

For those in the market for a new phone, it’s important to note that the going price for the Galaxy S6 Edge is $299.99 with a 2-year contract, and has a retail price of $699.99.

Other mobile careers are carrying the phone as well such as AT&T and T-mobile.

Via samsung

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