On Thursday, the Art Talk exhibit was held in New York City, highlighigting a few notable up and coming artists. The event was organized by Daniel Perez, a marketing student from Berkeley. This event was put together to showcase and speak with artists from New York in a pop-art gallery fashion in an avenue not usually open to the public. Given the fact that it was coordinated by a student, the event itself focuses on creating dialogue between young students and accomplished artists, creating a path to the future for these aspiring artists.

It was also supported by Dr. David Glazer, who was appointed Chair for Marketing in the Larry L. Luing School of Business.

The artists gave some insight into their artistic process and explained the inspiration behind their work.

Here are brief profiles of the three of the artists.

Javon Conaway

Image via Facebook/Art by Javon Conaway

Javon Conaway is a Brooklyn resident who focuses on anything from paintings to cushions to general fashion.

Conaway stated that he is inspired by “anything that has to do with emotions,” which he portrays via stares, colors, and movement.

He mentioned that he has always been drawn to visual art, which led him to become a Film and Television major. In the future, Conaway stated that he intends work in larger exhibits in Connecticut.

He advised young artists to keep working on their projects constantly and to not be discouraged by challenges which may come their way.

You can find Conaway’s art here.

Minus One

Image via Instagram/theminuske

Minus One is an artist who finds his inspiration in science fiction and comic books. He mainly creates paintings, murals, and illustrations. Addressing his creative output and process, he stated that he looks “for something outside this planet, take[s] landscapes that are in [his] head” and portrays them.

One of his exhibits, entitled “The Last Starfighter,” was inspired by a 1984 film of the same name. The film’s protagonist is a young teenager who is recruited to go to space due to his talent for playing video games. The idea of anyone being able to go to space was something that Minus One wanted to portray in the painting.

You can find more work by Minus One here.

Pablo Ancona

Featured Image via Instagram/@samplecult77

Pablo Ancona is a New York artist who is blunt about how the city has influenced his style.

He mentioned NY’s hip-hop culture and street art as being his main inspirations.

One of his exhibits at the event displayed a set of character caricatures waiting for a train to come at a subway station. All of Ancona’s characters are exaggerated in their shape, portraying an attitude which can be found at NYC’s subway stations. Everything from the signs on the walls to the columns are representations of what Ancona has grown up with.

More art by Pablo Ancona can be found here.

This event was sponsored by Bareburger, Starbucks and HAVEN HANDS. Haven Hands in a humanitarian organization dedicated to bringing clean drinking water, providing proper sanitiation, and supplying medical personnel and medical supplies to Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and any other area in need. More information on Haven Hands can be found here.


Featured Image via Flickr/Berkeley College