Extraordinary Beings: Advantages of Being ‘Ugly’

In an age of airbrushed beauty, have you ever wondered if embracing your physical ‘flaws’ could turn you into a supermodel?

Advantages of Being Ugly
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Have you ever wondered if embracing your physical ‘flaws’ could turn you into a supermodel, or do you ever have considered the advantages of being ugly? Ugly modeling is a modeling agency with a twist. It celebrated its 50th anniversary with an array of models of all looks, sizes, and ages.

What Does It Mean To Be ‘Ugly’?

Before knowing the advantages of being ugly, it is essential to know what does it really means to be ugly? To be an excellent ugly model, you have to be secure in yourself and have a look that some may say is unusual or out of the ordinary. These models have to be secure in themselves because the models present themselves to the agency. The models use these looks to their benefit. The usual agencies would obviously not take people with sticky-out ears or looks, very wrinkled or a certain age or a certain height. However, Ugly modeling wants people to be confident with the way they look because that is their main selling point.

Their features are what makes these models get sent to clients. The agency also has some traditional looking models as well, but they all have a certain edge to them or a particular skill that is not commonly seen. Briar, for instance, is a beautiful model who got a great look wholesomely. However, she is a burlesque dancer and a pin-up model. Therefore, it’s not just a standard editorial with classic models. There is always something different to them.

‘If you’ve got an interesting face contact Ugly’

Ugly was set up in 1969 by a fashion photographer and an advertising guru. Marc French is the current Owner of Ugly Models. It all started when he placed one ad in a daily newspaper.

“If you’ve got an interesting face, contact Ugly.”

In the 50 years, ugly has been in existence. The agency has worked on virtually every single big film, TV show, or photo campaign. It has been dealing with people that are slightly out of the ordinary or unusual looking. The agency furthermore supplied all the original aliens for the Star Wars films, dating back from 1977 up until the new Star Wars films that are being made now. Also, they supplied all the partygoers for films like the Rocky Horror Show.

They also worked on the Carry On movies, up until kind of recent Hollywood films. There is more stuff being shot in the UK now, and a lot more film productions want the kind of unusual people that ugly agency has. For instance, fantasy movies like the Fantastic Beasts, Star tar Wars, and they want the giants, the dwarves, or the enormous people. The high-profile stuff Ugly agency does is so extreme – from anything from Marks & Spencer to Gucci.

Who are Some of the Models?

One of the weirdest things the agency was once asked to do was to find ten sumo wrestlers for a commercial. Where do you find ten sumo wrestlers? The agency had one on their books, so they had to hunt around, they got seven. So, It didn’t do badly.

“I never thought I’d be a model. No. It was mainly for a joke. My friends and I went to this runaway competition in the mall. But it was for a joke, and then I won.” Said Chloe, one of the models.

Sally is a 61-year-old model. She never thought she would be a good model because she is different looking. In addition, most modeling agencies would have gone for younger models. Andrea is a British champion bodybuilder. But prior to becoming a British champion bodybuilder, she was a qualified school teacher. Uno is a bricklayer by trade, but he doesn’t do much of that now. He does a bit of modeling and Harry Potter, on set with Johnny Depp and all the others.

“Modelling? Me? Come on. I am an old biddy.” Said Sheila.

Maggie, a different model, worked at the Playboy Club when it first started. Winston got into modeling, just as a coincidence. Briar has also been Christina Hendricks’ body double on an Agatha Christie movie. Choon was listed as the smallest bodybuilder in the UK.

“If you want to pay me to show up and just look like I do, then who’s the winner?”

Ultimately, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. There is nothing like being ugly or beautiful, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.



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