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In its recent report, Human rights watch explained the crimes committed by dictator Sisi’s forces in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. This report clearly explains the reasons for extremism in Egypt. Dictatorship is the main cause of extremism in Egypt. President Sisi is provoking extremism in Egypt to strengthen his regime.  The area of Sinai peninsula is subjected to consistent air strikes by Egyptian airforce. In these operations, Sisi has the full support of Israel. In fact, dictator Sisi is the only ruler in the world who allows other countries to kill his own country fellows. The crimes committed by Sisi’s forces include extrajudicial murders, Kidnaping, torture, and the list goes on.

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Thousands of people had to leave Sinai due to the consistent army intrusion in this area. North Peninsula was affected more than other parts. Sisi’s forces are playing the game by dividing the population. It created its own militant group called “Manadeeb” ( Manadeeb means agents). This militia consists of government employed militants. They are armed and trained by the Egyptian military. Manadeeb is believed to be involved in criminal activities in Sinai peninsula.

Besides this the ISIS branch Wilayat Sina also has the backing of Egyptian dictator. Wilayat Sina and Mandeep have been targeting the civilians for 6 years. In 2017 this group attacked Al Rawada masque and killed more than 250 worshippers. This was the worst attack in Egypt’s recent history.  Unfortunately, the world just maintained its silence on Manadeeb-Daesh alliance.

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Currently, areas around Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid are controlled by the Wilayat Sina group. As discussed earlier wilayat Sina is an extremist organization and has links to ISIS. The People of these areas are suffering atrocities by Wilayat Sina. The people of these areas are forced to accept the fascist interpretation of Sharia laws.

Due to its extremist practices, the Christian population is forced to move from El Arish to Nile valley. The Wilayat Sina has set up its own courts and torture cells where people are punished and humiliated on opposing the group’s agenda. This punishment ranges from amputations to death. One thing is sure that Wilayat Sina has the backing of dictator Sisi. He is empowering this extremist group to prolong his tenure. The supporters of Wilayat Sina were united and strengthened when Sisi overthrew democratically elected president Morsi.

Unfortunately, Sinai peninsula was completely ignored by the previous and current governments of Egypt. The majority population of Sinai is Bedouin Arab. They are considered 2nd class citizens in Egypt. It means they cannot get government jobs and cannot own the properties. The plight of this area could not attract the attention of the central government in the past.

When the Egyptian government decided to construct resort cities like Sharm El Sheikh, the native Bedouin was  forced to leave the area. And Egyptians from the Nile area were shifted here jobs. This further provoked a sense of deprivation among locals. It seems that Salafi extremism is penetrating in Sinai peninsula. It may also be noted that the Salafi extremism was present even under the Morsi government, but, it acquired more strength in the current dictatorship.

Experts believed that the  coup was planned when democratically elected president Morsi took office. Morsi tried to heal Sinai peninsula by stopping the army from consistent raids in the Sinai Peninsula. Also, He introduced the bill that bares dual national Egyptians to monopolize the Sinai’ land. Morsi did this to rectify the imbalance between locals and dual nationality holders. These dual nationality holders are considered as the upper class of Egypt.

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Experts believe that these two steps by Morsi caused unrest in Powerful military and its foreign supporters. Morsi’s attempts to heal Sinai was labeled as giving free hand to Islamists. While his desire to devolve power to local Egyptian was labeled as dangerous for Egypt’s economy.

After these two important steps, the dictatorial mindset of Egypt’s establishment opined that democracy doesn’t suit us. After this President Morsi was taken into illegal arrest. The full force was used to crush dissent and Egypt went back to a dictatorship like that of Husni Mubarak.

After taking control army instantly nullified Morsi’s attempts to de-escalate tensions in Sinai peninsula. The Sisi’ dictatorship started using all the tactics required to strengthen his tenure. According to a current HRW report, Sisi’s regime escalated tensions in the Sinai Peninsula.

As a result of strong military backing, the insurgency in Sinai strengthened and now the attacks are being carried out in other parts of Egypt too.

World’s silence is unfortunate on Sisi’s atrocities in Egypt. The same world was going mad when Libyan dictator Gaddafi was brutalizing his own people. Unfortunately, Egyptian dictator has a strong backing of the west, USA, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates. The criminal negligence of the world will further escalate tensions in the region.