Serving  in the army, navy, or air force is an honor. Risking your life for your country’s security is something which is indeed respected by every citizen. Becoming a defense personnel requires a lot of training and hard work. But during such training mishaps occur at times. A similar mishap happened on  May 17th, 2019, when an F-19 crashed into a warehouse located on the outside of March Air Reserve Base.

This California mishap was not severe, but dozens of people were sent to the hospital for further evaluation. Since these people were exposed to the explosion and debris, medical tests need to be taken to confirm if the person suffered from any problem.

Maj. Perry Covington, the Director of the base’s Public Affairs department, stated that the pilot is safe, and he ejected parachuted to safety. He also stated that the cause of the crash was yet unknown, and they are trying to investigate the mishap.

This crash could have resulted in serious injuries and damages, but the interstate 215 which runs in between the base and the warehouse was closed. This coincidence was nothing short of a miracle. If traffic was usual on this highway, then serious casualties may have occurred.

The news of the crash spread like wildfire via social media and new channels. Photos and videos reflected the extent of the damage caused by the crash. It is seen that a hole has been created on the roof of the warehouse and the tail of the aircraft buried under piles of cardboard boxes and twisted metals.

A worker of the warehouse, Daniel Gallegos, stated that he was used to the noise of planes going and coming, but this crash caused him to go in a state of shock. He also stated that he had a split-second to exit the accident scene. He recalls hearing a loud noise, and then when he saw a burst of flames, he made a run for it.

The workers of the warehouse were not seriously injured, and they were taken to the hospital for further medical examinations. The crash caused little fire, which was doused with the help of the water sprinklers installed in the warehouse.

Authorities suspect that there was a mechanical problem with the flight, causing it to crash. The pilot ejected and landed safely on a nearby field. The pilot was also taken to the hospital to ensure he was okay and did not sustain any internal injuries.

Authorities labeled this accident as a miracle because although the crash was devastating, there were no serious casualties reported.