A Facebook-related data firm which was suspended a month ago due to investigations regarding user data and privacy is now available again. The investigations concluded that Crimson Hexagon, a data analytics company, did not use data gathered from the Facebook for government surveillance.

Facebook suspended the firm’s use due to criminal allegations regarding the company’s contract. Facebook reportedly stated that Crimson Hexagon would give the social network’s data to government agencies and an unnamed Russian organization for analysis. This investigation was influenced by an article in The Wall Street Journal which laid out all of this evidence.

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal last year, representatives from Facebook have attempted to change their rhetoric regarding user privacy. In this case, representatives stated in an interview following Crimson Hexagon’s temporary shutdown:

“We don’t allow developers to build surveillance tools using information from Facebook or Instagram.”

Crimson Hexagon itself notified journalists and the public of the investigation’s results. The company confirmed that no government official has used its platform for “surveillance of any individual or group.” Crimson Hexagon also reassured Facebook users that the only data which the company is able to collect is already public.

Governmental access to users’ personal data via social media became a topic of national concern when Facebook itself had to suspend Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica created paid surveys for Facebook users in order to gather data. However, the company purposefully did not inform its survey participants that their friends’ profiles would be scanned for personal information. Cambridge Analytica’s so-called study resulted in the data of tens of millions of U.S. citizens exposed to the company. The company also reportedly worked with Donald Trump’s 2o16 presidential campaign.


Featured Image via Wikimedia Commons