Facebook introduces the wrist-worn AR interface concept

Facebook’s decision to launch a wearable wristwatch that focuses on AR, is quite futuristic, however, the project is in its initial stages.

Facebook introduces AR watch

Earlier this week, Facebook introduced another wrist-based wearable, and it is focused on providing an alternative AR interface.

This wristwatch is in line with the AR efforts of Facebook. In a blog post yesterday, the tech giant said;

“A device that you can store in your pocket, like a phone, creates an obstruction between you and the environment. We looked at different possibilities and we decided to make a watch. You can easily fit the watch into the wrist, which means it fits in your everyday life. It’s located near the things you use for everyday work, hands. Thus, you will get a more powerful and satisfying interaction.”

Seeing the above information, this watch seems more conceptual. The watch could offer seamless control for future AR interfaces. If you are interested in other smartwatches, you can check out the Apple Watch Series 5 here.

The interface mainly uses electromyography (EMG) sensors to explore the motor nerve neurons and interact with the interface. This was the topic of conversation during a clubhouse event in which Mark Zuckerberg was present. In the event, Pebble Founder Y/C Partner Eric Migicovsky discussed working with Apple for their own smartwatch. So, Zuckerberg stated, “We are trying to build a new watch, and I won’t call it a watch in the real sense of the word. Our team at Facebook is working hard to explore the basic neural interfaces. You can interact the neural interface with the phone, and it is easier on iOS and mobile. I think this area should be our core focus. Moreover, I don’t think that private APIs make it difficult to live in a healthy ecosystem.”

Mark Zuckerberg

In crux, this project is still in its early stages. We will have to wait and see how the wearable watch really seems. Still, the claims seem quite exciting.

Slowly, the EMG will move to better controls. In AR, you would be able to move virtual objects and UI. Another great thing about EMG is that it will allow you to move virtual objects at a distance. So, you can call it a new superpower.

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