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Donald John Trump, one of the most controversial candidates of the United States of America. He came to power with his promise to ‘Make America Great Again.’ Now that the business mogul has been on the throne of one of the world’s most powerful countries for about 2.5 years let us know about what are the biggest failures and achievements of the Trump government.

Donald Trump scored one of the most unexpected wins in the history of US elections by defeating Hillary Clinton. This win was unique in its own sense as it was surrounded by so many controversies which are still haunting Trump. The credit also goes to his aggressive nature of politics. It was due to his promises such as building a wall along the southern border of the country and have it paid by Mexico which attracted the people.



Tax cuts:

Donald Trump promised to cut taxes, and he succeeded in doing so by bringing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. He promised that he was in favor of cutting down taxes at all levels of income during the election campaign. As a result, he brought down the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. This is termed to be Trump’s greatest achievements as the President.

Judicial System:

Trump brought great reforms in the judiciary as well. He has appointed 179 federal judges, out of whom 97 judges have been confirmed by the Senate. However, there are still 152 vacancies left in the judiciary. But this step taken by the Trump government is revolutionary.

Trump also nominated two Supreme Court judges, namely; Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch. The nomination of Kavanaugh created great troubles for Trump as Kavanaugh was alleged to have been involved in acts of sexual misconduct.


In order to boost economic growth, the Trump government delayed or withdrew near about 860 proposed regulations. He had promised to do so during the election campaign. This helped to ease some of the financial restrictions, which were imposed by the Obama government.



Border Wall Promise:

The biggest failure of the Trump government was the border wall promise. As mentioned above, Trump had promised to build a wall along the southern border and will also make Mexico pay for it. However, this resulted in the longest ever government shutdown in the history of America. Congress clearly does not stand in favor of sanctioning $5 billion to build the wall.

The Russia Issue:

It has been alleged that Russia played a great role in turning the outcome of the 2016 elections. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation also directs towards the same. Though Trump has denied all the claims of Russian interference, two of Trump’s former officials have already been proven regarding ties with Russian nationals. This controversy has caused great harm to Trump’s reputation.

The Trump government‘s tenure is stated to cause a lot of confusion and chaos. What will be the next step of Donald Trump and how will he be able to ‘Make America Great again,’ is a matter of speculation.