FaZe Clan Accused of Scamming with Unreleased Game

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The well-known eSports team FaZe Clan, are in a bit of a pickle according to Kotaku. Apparently, FaZe were in the process of co-producing a game by the name of Starnet Eclipse, which was supposed to be an FPS which gained almost $20,000 from backers. Now, almost a year after it was supposed to be launched, critics are calling it a scam and FaZe has been denying it.


In January of 2015, FaZe Clan announced they were co-producing Starnet Eclipse with a new development studio by the name of iCazual Entertainment. The studio was headed by a 19-year-old CEO, who claimed that they employed 70 people to work on the game. The so-called “futuristic FPS” would be coming out for Xbox One, PC, PS4 and Mac, something which already seems unreal for a new indie studio with a 19 year old CEO. FaZe Clan asked for donations from their monumental subscriber base through a YouTube video titled “WE ARE MAKING A VIDEO GAME.” To entice backers, they added that they would receive certain “perks” for donating.

Thomas “FaZe Temperrr” Oliveira said in the announcement that ““Anything you want in Call of Duty. . . you can get in this game,” and that the game would also feature FaZe Clan members as characters, something which obviously got fans riled up.

On May 20 of 2015, iCazual studios released an alpha trailer featuring a very basic FPS made with Unreal Engine which looking straight out of a template. The studio promised that on June 5th, the game would be heading into its alpha state for backers and June 27 would be the finished game’s release date, presumably skipping the beta phase. To further muck up the matter, Starnet Eclipse said their full release would be closer to late 2015 on Twitter last January.

A “limited time offer” advertised the game for $18 and on Starnet Eclipse’s website, the alpha, beta and full copy for PC/Mac still goes for $30. Fans could buy also different “packs” for the game, however, including a $300 “Major Pack,” which offered things like game access, a gold-gilded model and a number of other apparel items. The most insane pack was the $25,000 “Enfield Pack,” which promised the buyer the one time experience of having dinner with both FaZe Clan and iCazual.

The game’s “pre-alpha” was released to backers in June of 2015, and the studio claimed that the beta would come in the summer of 2015. The full game would now be scheduled for early 2016. The alpha looked like a generic, cookie-cutter UE4 FPS model, just take a look at it:


Backers began worrying and asking questions when 2016 rolled around and no word was heard on the game. On Twitter, Starnet Eclipse started telling fans that there were no dates set for the beta. Then, they said they didn’t even have a set release date. In mid-April, they turned around again and said that “there will be at least one version of the game released this year.”

Between May 25th and September 5th, the game’s Twitter account stopped updating, even though they still addressed backer questions. As of September 2016, iCazual still hasn’t announced a final release date for their game.

HonorTheCall, the YouTube user famous for exposing TmarTn’s CS:GO gambling scandal, posted a video on Monday about the game’s delays. He called the game “shady,” and mentioned the false promises made and the actual reality of the game’s status. The missed deadlines, combined with the high price of alpha, he said, point to it being a scam.

“It’s safe to say that FaZe Clan should return all the money back to their fan base,” HonorTheCall said in the video.

FaZe Clan’s Nordan “FaZe Rain” Shat posted a response video shortly afterwards titled “We didn’t scam ANYONE.” He stated that $20,000, isn’t enough to make a game and talks about how games take a long time to make, failing to mention that the game was apparently in development for years. He also added that he didn’t “fully remember the full situation” regarding backer rewards and that he has known iCazual’s CEO “since he was 15.”

Starnet Eclipse’s development team said yesterday they will be issuing refunds. They also explain in the Google Doc file that iCazual Entertainment has been upgrading their office and creating new development teams. “Unreal Engine is by no means easy to master,” they added, claiming that bugs in the engine are what has been keeping them. They also claimed that Starnet Eclipse will be launching another crowdfunding campaign “soon.”

The developers say they will announce a new schedule for Starnet Eclipse on October 29 and also cite an early 2017 date for shipping t-shirts to backers. With all the lies they’ve said in the past, however, I seriously doubt it.

*UPDATE*: It now seems that someone hacked into HonortheCall’s channel and deleted all of his videos. He states:

“***Someone got into my channel and deleted all the videos. I am trying to get them back. Stay tuned for a update!***”

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