FBI Plans To Release More Clinton Information

Along with every presidential candidate comes scandal. In recent weeks, the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been dealing with one that surrounds her emails. It seems as though the FBI will be releasing more information about this scandal to the public.

CNN is stating that the FBI will be releasing the notes an investigator took during Hillary Clinton’s interview with them. Clinton partook in this interview voluntarily. Clinton’s 302 is also being disclosed. The FBI will not be releasing any information dealing with her staff, aides, and any other material that was used in the investigation. As of right now, there is no word on when or if this information will be given out at a later date.

The investigation came to a close in favor of Clinton. CNN also reports that the director of the FBI recommended that no charges be placed upon Clinton based on the end result of the investigation. He believed that she had no criminal acts take place, but was reckless with classified information. However, many believe that the case needs to be reopened again as new information has surfaced. Officials are stating that documents involving Benghazi and Libya have been uncovered by researchers. Many people feel this information needs to be inspected and analyzed as well.

A president must be fair, just, and moral. Many people who support Clinton in her run for the presidency believe that she is all of those things and can lead the nation into a bright future. Others believe that scandals like this one make her unfit to serve as President of the United States. Until a final conclusion can be made on Clinton’s innocence by the FBI, the people of the US can only use their best judgement to form an opinion.

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