Finish a Bullet Thali in 60 minutes, Win a Luxury Bike- offers an Indian Hotel

The Hotel owner offered an alluring deal to its customers to bring back business to his restaurant after the pandemic had put the halt to his business.

Bullet Thali Pune
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A Pune hotel in India just unraveled a crazy deal for its customers by introducing the ‘Bullet Thali’, as part of some bizarre promotion tactics.

The Bullet Thali (Platter), with its name based on the award for winning the challenge, is priced at 2,500 Rupees and is gaining all the publicity in Maharashtra’s city Pune. Hotel Shivraj is located in the Wadgaon Maval area on the outskirts of Pune.

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Atul Waiker, the owner of Hotel Shivraj has introduced the ‘Bullet Thali’, a 4kg non-vegetarian thali (platter) with an offer that whoever gobbles down the complete thali in less than one hour, will win a luxury Royal Enfield Bullet bike (priced at 1.65 Lakhs or $2260). Atul says that he conceptualized this idea from his own love for bikes. Yeah, too alluring a deal it is. You have to finish up the huge thali in 60 minutes, and you can have your dream of owning a bullet bike come true.

bullet thali non-vegetarian 4KG Thali

Eat it All Bullet Thali Challenge is a hit among customers

However, this feat is no easy feat. The Grand Thali is nothing less than a royal spread of dishes that mainly comprises non-vegetarian items. It has 12 dishes including Fried Surmai, Pomfret Fried Fish, Chicken Tandoori, Dry Mutton, Grey Mutton, Chicken Masala, and Prawn Biryani. The sides include Papad, Chapati, and Rice. The platter may seem mouth-watering to the food buffs, but for one single person to finish it, is definitely a challenge of sorts. The good news is that one person, named Ashok Pawar, has actually aced the Bullet Thali challenge and won himself the luxury bike, as told by ‘Vaibhav Upale’, the manager of Hotel Shivraj.

Offer Bullet Thali

There are a total of 4 Bullet Bikes for grabs, as mentioned by the restaurant, and people are trying their best to complete the challenge. Upale also told the media, that the offer has attracted many customers, and they are getting 2000 calls per day including many from other cities like New Delhi, UP, Bihar.

Bullet Thali Pune

The bizarre challenge or offer is not the first instance of the Hotel. Earlier, the restaurant also introduced a ‘Ravan Thali’, that weighed 8Kg, and the winners were awarded cash prizes of 5,000 Rupees each. The hotel also offers other thalis, known for their grandeur such as Bakasur Thali, Sarkar Thali, and many more.


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