Filmmaking, it’s an ambitious goal that has many young (and young at heart) dreamers lying in bed, planning out their future, but there is an incredibly easy first step to jumpstart that dream: FILM SCHOOL! If you have a passion for watching movies you already have the base down, the passion is the most important part, now you just need to harness that energy and point it in the right direction, and film school is a great outlet for that.

But it is not always an easy journey. It can take time and money, and you should always be sure that the film school that you choose is a credible one with teachers that actually have knowledge and experiences that they are able to pass along. Beyond the fact of simply learning about the ins and outs of filmmaking, there are many more reasons to try out film school! Here are five of the most important reasons:

  1. You will have access to equipment

One of the most important aspects of film school is that they will provide you with equipment to use and learn on that you otherwise may not ever have the opportunity to use. Being an independent filmmaker has never been easier, cameras are cheap and plentiful, and the switch from analog recording to digital recording cuts costs of filming DRASTICALLY. But even then there are still multiple pieces of equipment that you will need to learn to thrive in a professional environment if you ever want to grow beyond being a short film maker. Film schools will give you to opportunity to use sound equipment, editing equipment, lighting equipment, everything needed to take your filming to that next level and get you ready to attack your dream career head on!

  1. You will learn in a group environment

It is easy to grab a few friends and have them act while you use a camera to film and direct them, but that only gives you part of the experience. Without more people with a knowledge of filmmaking and a desire to learn and do better, you will never truly grow as a filmmaker. By being in a group environment in film school, you then have more resources to work with and to learn with. You will be able to do lighting while others film, or learn about sound while others film, and by helping each other you gain contacts for the future as well!

  1. Your final projects will be actual, real films

A major positive aspect about film schools is that they will force you to actually create something and have it filmed. No excuses, no pushing it back, if you are in film school you will HAVE to have something filmed, and this is often enough to light the fire in aspiring filmmakers and have them start a portfolio. There is no better motivation than having someone in power waiting to see your work and stack it up against your peers!

  1. It will look good on your resume

Just like having a normal college degree listed on your resume will make a difference in a job interview, having film school listed on your resume will help you get into the film industry, especially when you are first starting out. By having it listed, you give potential employers a look into what you are knowledgeable in and shows why you are a good fit in the filmmaking world versus someone with no prior experience. Like many industries, filmmaking is about paying your dues early on, and going to film school is a great way to start that. It shows your dedication to the craft and your drive to further your career.

  1. You will learn how to actually make films

I know it sounds obvious, but it’s true! You never realize how much truly goes into making a film until you really look into it. What we think we understand we only really have a surface level understanding of. Filmmaking is an art form that requires finesse, and too many people think it is something you can just wake up one day and decide to do. You will learn how to do proper lighting, proper sound, everything needed to make a professional film, and you will also learn how to carry yourself in the film world.

Now we come to the fun part, finding the perfect film school! There are many, many, MANY to choose from no matter where you are located in the United States, but the closer to a major city you are, the more likely you are to have bigger classes and more decorated teachers. Here are a sampling of our recommended film schools, you cannot go wrong with any of the ones listed below:

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