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Rachel Tallis is a writer who has traveled extensively, has a love for fashion and a passion for a healthy lifestyle. She has written for several online magazines and blogs which allows her to explore her interests and delve into the world of trending news.

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  1. Food
    Is Faux Turkey Finally Vegan-Approved for Thanksgiving?
    4 days ago
  2. News
    Pandora Papers Financial Leak Shows Us the Secrets of the World’s Rich and Powerful
    2 months ago
  3. Health
    US Supreme Court Rejects J & J TALC Cancer Case Appeal
    6 months ago
  4. Lifestyle
    9 Habits that Drain your Daily Focus and How to Avoid Them
    6 months ago
    Women’s Demand for Shapewear – the big Trends
    7 months ago
    Valentino Launches its Cosmetics Line
    7 months ago
  7. Business
    McDonald’s Sales Increase Amid COVID Restrictions
    7 months ago
  8. Health
    US Promises to Share 60 million Doses of AstraZeneca Vaccines
    7 months ago
  9. coronavirus
    UK Offers Aid Amid Surging COVID-19 Cases in India
    7 months ago
  10. Entertainment
    Nomadland Director Chloé Zhao, Wins the Best Director in 2021 Oscar
    7 months ago
  11. Food
    Napa Valley’s Attempt to Shed its Big-blend Reputation
    2 days ago
  12. Food
    For Greek Reds, No Matter How Good, the Embrace Will Be Slow
    3 days ago
    Mulberry: First-half turnaround is encouraging, and the second half is off to a good start
    3 days ago
    China Issues New Rules for Celebrity Brands Promotion
    3 days ago
    This Season Add Some Neck to Your Knitwear
    4 days ago
  16. coronavirus
    As Coronavirus Cases Rise in Europe, an Economic Toll Returns
    4 days ago

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