Five Tips to Help You Throw an Ugly Sweater Party This Christmas

The best way to spend Christmas with those who are not in your immediate family is to throw an Ugly Sweater Party beforehand! This is the perfect party to throw with your goofiest and silliest best friends. This may seem like a dated idea; however, if done with these tips in mind, you can throw a modern ugly sweater party that everyone will want to participate in.

1. Use pretty patterns
Often enough, people will over-do-it with the decorations and buy the most outrageous fabrics and centerpieces to fit the “ugly” theme. However, fill your house with sparkly ornaments and pretty fabrics so that you do not acquire decorations that you will not use again. Trade in your reindeer family runner for a red and white damask look.

2. The uglier the better
We mean the sweaters of course! This is your chance to get very creative, and if you are not the most artistic person, it does not matter because the point is to be ugly. Try not to buy an ugly sweater, since you probably never wear it ever again. By creating your own ugly sweater, it becomes more special and uniquely yours.

3. Have food
Because it is too cold to have your guest stay in the yard, you will most likely have everyone inside of your house and people will spend more time eating. Dress your dining room or kitchen table with finger foods like sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes and small appetizers. The point is, make sure—like at any party, you have enough food for everyone to eat. You really do not want your guests to get sick from drinking too much eggnog.

4. Have prizes
Since everyone will most likely be indoors, have games that all of your guest would like to play. There are several games that can be organized for people who do not like to play games at all. For instance, fill a jar up with small envelopes or pieces of paper folded over. Inside should be different Christmas stickers. Whoever has the “winning sticker” will win a prize. This game takes little effort, making it easy for everyone to play. You can also have an ugly sweater contest, where the ugliest sweater wins. The prizes can range from gift cards to a bottle of alcohol, or even a silly ribbon.

5. Play festive and current music
Christmas is not Christmas without the music. Play classic Christmas songs sung by various artists, both old and new. But also mix in some music that plays on the radio today. By doing this, you will get your guest into a festive mood while making them want to party!


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