Five Ways to Make Your Roommates Happy

It’s a known fact that sharing a space with others, no matter how well you get along with them, will always be difficult. While the sound of her alarm going off exactly fifteen minutes before your own may cause an extreme amount of early morning aggravation, having someone to cook with, shop with, and vent to 24/7 makes those little annoying quirks worth it. It may be hard to admit sometimes, but roommates make life more exciting, and its important to show them respect and appreciation. How do we begin to approach this (seemingly impossible) life goal you ask?

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Via Photo Spin
Via Photo Spin

1) Show Them Love

Everyone has bad days, but remember that when she snaps at you it’s because she spilled coffee all over her white blouse right after getting yelled at by her boss, not because you forgot to lock the front door. Show some compassion, and if she doesn’t want to talk give her alone time; it’s guaranteed tomorrow she’ll be back to her chipper self.

2) Be respectful

It’s always nice to be conscientious of any activities your roomie may have going on. If she has to get up at 6 a.m. to drive four hours to Virginia to visit her mom, don’t have five work friends over for drinks the night before. Be aware of what she has going on, and she’s sure to do the same for you

3) Bond With Her

Friendly roommates are happy roommates. Invite her to go to lunch or hit the bar scene. Living in a city with few friends can be hard, and chances are she knows some cool people. Friendly roommates have an easier time living together because they know the ins and outs of each other. Get to know your roommate, and she’ll remember little things you hate, like whistling and unwashed dishes.

4) Do Her Favors

If she ever needs anything and you can help, do it. Remember that time you picked her up from work because her car died? Well she’ll remember it too, and make an effort to go out of her way to help you too. Buy her a pint of Ben and Jerry’s when she’s had a bad day, or write her a good luck note on her first day at her new job. She’ll appreciate it, and of course return the favors.

5) Don’t Freak Out

In the end, if something bad does go down (she drank my last Diet Coke again?!),stay calm and talk it out. Take an hour to cool down, and then just be open with her about the situation. Confronting each other always helps solving the problem no matter how big or small it may be. Brushing it under the rug with no mention of the sore subject can end very badly so talk, talk, talk.

Living with roommates in a cramped apartment is tough, but it is possible to make it work. So go enjoy time spent with the person who knows you (and your cleaning habits) best.

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