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After a long battle with an extremely aggressive brain tumor, well-known American politician John McCain has succumbed to cancer at age 81.

In July of 2017, after undergoing a routine operation to remove a blood clot above his left eye, laboratory tests later confirmed that John McCain was suffering from glioblastoma, the most aggressive cancer to target the brain. Those diagnosed with this condition are routinely given 14 months to live. McCain lived for 13 months after his initial diagnosis.

Senator McCain was a Senator for Arizona since 1987, and current Arizona Governor Doug Ducey will soon appoint an interim Senator to fill McCain’s seat until a special election can be held in 2020. The winner of this election will fill McCain’s seat until the end of his scheduled term, set to end in 2023. Arizona law dictates that it must be a Republican appointed replacement, as McCain was famously lauded as an extreme Republican.

McCain’s life was the thing legends are made of, having lived a long, hard life. From his start as a naval bomber pilot to his infamous time as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War (which left McCain with lifelong injuries due to improper care during his time as a prisoner), to his two unsuccessful runs at a Presidential election, John McCain has left a lasting legacy on the world of United States politics.

Featured Image via Public.Navy.mil