A former Utah teacher is being charged with having sex with three of her former students.

Brianne Altice, 35, who previously taught English at Davis High School, is facing at least 14 felonies for sex crimes that date back to 2013. Among the charges include, charges of rape, unlawful sexual activity and dealing harmful material to a minor.

Altice who was originally arrested back in October of 2013 for suspicion of having sex with one of her students, she was put out on bail, where she would be arrested again in 2014 when another student spoke out against the teacher.

It was just recently that a third student had confessed to having an intimate relationship with Atlice back in 2013. The student, who was seventeen when he began sleeping with Altice, shared detailed depictions of their relationship. He stated that they would have oral sex and had intercourse three times throughout the time they saw each other.

Most of the teens were eighteen during their relationships, but none of the students knew about each other. Altice was also married during the alleged affairs.

The last student, who just confessed was seen skipping class on numerous occasions to go to Altice’s classroom to talk to her and work on his schoolwork. The two were also photographed having a sushi picnic in 2013 without their knowledge. He thought they were becoming boy friend and girlfriend.

Altice has just been fired from her position at the school last Friday, and is now seeing her marriage fall apart.

Altice’s attorney, Edward Brass, denies his clients involvement with the teens, and that, ‘It is her defense that they did not happen at all,’ Brass wrote in a motion. ‘That she never engaged in any inappropriate contact with either of her students.’

Prosecutors have stated however, that the students were to give clear and accurate descriptions of her apartment and were able to describe the teacher’s tattoos on her body, indicating that she did indeed have some sort of relationship with the teens.

The former teacher is currently in prison awaiting trial, and her bail has been revoked.



Photo: AP