France plane crash: Five Klled After Mid-Air Collision Near Tours

Two small planes collided in mid-air before crashing in western-central France, killing five people, local officials say. The emergency crew was called to the scene to cordon off the crash sites.

France Plane Crash
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Two planes light planes crashed in western-central France after they collided in midair on Saturday, resulting in five people’s killing in the plane crash, officials confirmed tally. The emergency crew, including medical staff and 50 firefighters, were immediately called at the scene, who cordoned off the site. However, they are no reports of any other causalities.

One microlight aircraft, carrying two people crashed on a fence around a house in Loches nearly twenty-nine miles south-east of Tours. An eyewitness said that he saw the plane burst into flames after it landed on the house’s electricity meter, AFP reported.


Nadia Seghier, the area’s local government official, confirmed that all the people involved have died. While talking to AFP, she further added that at first, an emergency crew was brought to Lyon to locate the aircraft, which they found very quickly.

Meanwhile, the local police authorities in France have already launched an inquiry into the plane crash. Moreover, the area residents have been told to stay indoors, and the crash site has been blocked. Besides that, authorities gave no details about the cause of the plane crash in France or the victims’ identities.

Genevieve Allouard-Liebert, the eyewitness, told the AFP that she heard a big sound when the plane crashed and hit the ground. Genevieve further added that she and her husband also saw a man fall from the bigger plane as it skimmed nearby rooftops.

Furthermore, Marc Angenault, the Mayor of Loches, said that normally there is no air traffic in the area and added that it is an unbelievable and unlikely accident.

Such midair collisions are very rare and always prove to be fatal. In 1998, one such crash happened over Quiberon Bay off the coast of Brittany, when a light aircraft collided with a Beechcraft 1900D c, which resulted in killing nearly fifteen people.


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