Giancarlo Stanton put on a show Monday night at the Home Run Derby. Of all the rounds during the derby, only two times did a hitter hit 20 home runs or more during a round. Both of them belonged to Stanton. And Stanton also had the three highest home runs totals in a round. On top of that, Stanton had the top eight furthest home runs hit. He hit a total of 61 home runs and with all of his home runs averaged 446 feet.

In the first round, Mark Trumbo took down Corey Seager 16-15 after he hit eight straight home runs following his timeout. Giancarlo Stanton put up 24 and Robinson Cano didn’t even have a chance by the time he got up, hitting only seven. Adam Duvall then took down home town hero Wil Myers 11-10. And then in the last first round matchup, the defending champion Todd Frazier beat Carlos Gonzalez 13-12. In the Semi-Finals Stanton beat Trumbo 17-14 and Frazier beat Duvall 16-15. And then in the finals, Stanton was the first one to bat. And he but up a tough number to beat, hitting 20 home runs. The defending champ Frazier had a tough number to beat and stay champ. And he couldn’t do it. Frazier hit only 13 and Giancarlo Stanton won the 2016 Home Run Derby.

Also, the news rules, which first started last year, seem to be a good change. Instead of batters getting 10 outs, now you have a four-minute timer to hit as many home runs as you can. And during the round, you get one timeout and in the finals you get two. What makes this new format better is because sometimes you get guys who really struggle and only hit one of two home runs, sometimes even none. But now with the four minutes and not just ten outs, you’re gonna get home runs from everyone. Robinson Cano really struggled and even he hit seven home runs. And the more home runs, the better for the fans.

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