Gal Gun gets $90 “See Through Clothes” DLC

Image courtesy of INTI Creates/PQube
Image courtesy of INTI Creates/PQube

If you have ever complained about expensive game DLC, I suggest you take it all back now. The rail shooter for PS4 and PS Vita, Gal Gun: Double Peace came out on July 22, 2016 in Europe, and August 2, 2016 in North America. Along with some costume DLC, in-game items, and a free demo, the release of the game was accompanied by an $89.99 piece of DLC called Pheromone Z…but only in North America.

See, the DLC adds an item of the same name to the in-game “Academy Store”. Upon purchase, the game’s “sight zoom” can see through clothes instantly. When questioned why the DLC only came out in the US when the game came out in the UK first, the developer had the following to say:

When you look at other Gal Gun DLC, it’s even easier to see why Sony UK might not have liked the game too much and why it was pulled from EB Games Australia. The game was a $9.99 “Angel’s Cutting Board” DLC which decreases ” the chest sizes of academy students,” and another $9.99 DLC called “Demon’s Meat Bunswhich will increase “the chest sizes of academy students.”

Image courtesy of INTI Creates/PQube
Image courtesy of INTI Creates/PQube

It seems the game is as filled with launch problems as it is with near-inappropriate content. When it came out in North America, the game had an “E for Everyone” rating misprint on the box. The previously mentioned EB Games pull was due to “a number of key business factors, including sales rates.”

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