Samsung gave the newest edition to the family, the Galaxy Note 7, it’s formal unveiling yesterday during a New York press conference. While the aesthetics and a lot of the features were no mystery at this time, they were discussed in more depth. Additionally, media were given hands-on time with Note to get a first hand feel for the tablet-like phone. Yet after everything the phone has to offer, one of the most notable (no pun intended) features is the phone’s iris scanner.

While iris scanners are by no means a new technology, the Galaxy Note 7 is the first phone to ever incorporate it into its design. While the traditional means of access are still retained, password and fingerprint scanner, the iris scanner adds yet another level of security to your device.

Samsung claims that the use of an iris scanner is more secure than, what is now the traditional, fingerprint scanner. While it is difficult to fool a fingerprint scanner, there is video proof floating around the internet that proves it is possible with things as simple as tape or putty. Iris scanners are by no means perfect either, but will surely require more effort to get one over on it.

The Note 7 also gives users the option to place a lock on certain apps and features of the phone. This will require the user to get past the iris scanner to be able to use these specified apps. A great way to keep nosey individuals who ask to borrow your phone out of your personal information and photos.

The scanner works similar to how other iris scanners found on Windows 10 laptops operate. In bright and normal conditions, the feature relies on a simple camera to pick out the owner’s unique identifiers within their eyes. In low light conditions, the feature relies heavily on infrared technology.

The Galaxy Note 7 will be available for pre-order in the U.S beginning today, August 3, and for pickup on August 19. Prices will fluctuate depending on the carrier but will be in the range of $834 USD to $880 USD.