Gambia’s new currency which does not carry Jammeh’s portrait is set for release into the economy Tuesday, 6th August 2019. The Central Bank Chief, Bakary Jammeh presented the new notes on Monday to President Adama Barrow. The currency, Dalsai would be issued into the economy through commercial banks.

Before now, Gambian currency featured the portrait of the former president, Yahya Jammeh who served the country from 1996 to 2017. Former president Jammeh put his image on Gambia currency two years to the end of his tenure. The image has now been substituted with the image of poultry, a feature believed to be representative of the nation. Historical sites were also featured on the notes.

The new notes are also a refurbishment of Gambia’s currency which had been in use since the nation’s independence in 1965. The notes are said to be fortified with high-security features. The notes are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 dalasi.

Gambia’s new currency overhaul process began in 2018 when Gambia central bank announced that it was phasing out all copies of the currency with Jammeh’s image. It announced its plan to print out more copies of dalasi used before the inscription of Jammeh’s image while gradually withdrawing those with Jammeh’s portrait. It also revealed that the currency will be redesign and its printing will occur throughout the year 2018. Now, the printing is completed and the Gambian government is ready to launch.

The former president had once criticized Gambia’s first president for printing notes with his portrait as far back 1971. He did the same thing in 2015. Meanwhile, Jammeh who ruled Gambian for 22 years fled to exile in Equatorial Guinea after he lost the election to Adam Barrow. He attempted to overturning his election loss in December 2016 but did not succeed.

While in exile, the current president set up a commission of inquiry to investigate Jammeh’s regime and it was revealed that Jammeh looted state assets and mismanaged the economy with independent decisions to technocrats. The authorities later announced the confiscation of some $50m of Jammeh’s assets and also froze over 130 properties and accounts linked to him. These he used to support his lavish lifestyle when he was Gambia president.

Jammeh was first the chairman of Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council between the period of 1994-1996 before he became Gambia president