General Motors launches a logo to show it’s serious about electric future

The American automaker introduced Friday as part of the CES trade tech show 2021. The website is going to be live on 11 January.

General Motors launches a new logo

General Motors has changed its logo and started a new “Everybody in” marketing campaign to show the transformation of the company to a broader, fast-moving, modern, and inclusive organization.

The American automaker introduced Friday as part of GM’s presence at the CES trade tech show 2021. It started on January 11. The website will go live on January 11.

CES Trade tech show

GM chief marketing officer Deborah Wahi stated in a press conference, “This is almost the fifth time that GM has changed its logo in its 115 year history. This logo is great as it’s optimistic and quite vibrant and reflects our complete view of the future. Moreover, it has a great heritage with strong trust. However, it is really humanizing for our whole company. This project was led in-house by our designers, who represent all 164,000 of our employees.

This effort is something much more than just a logo and some new ads. It has shown a company that has moved from a slow-moving automaker to one that can be quite appealing to a whole new generation of car owners.

GM wants to impress all its viewers and these changes will kick off its makeover.

Of course, the money is quite real here and GM said in November that it’s going to spend around $27 billion in the next five years to develop electric vehicles. This is a 35% increase which exceeds the investment of the automaker in diesel and gas.

The electric-autonomous program will get around half of GM’s capital and the product development team.

The U.S. automaker is accelerating its overall market timeline and adding EV’s to its portfolio plans. Previously, the company committed to 20 EVs by 2023. Moreover, the company recalled around 189000 vehicles after safety concerns. Around two-thirds of the launches will be from North America. Moreover, the top brands, like GMC, Cadillac, Buick, and Chevrolet will be represented fully.

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