Granddad takes on year-long North Sea swimming challenge

Family love is always special, and this story proves how a family goes that extra mile to help their loved ones.

Granddad to swim 100K

A 71- year old granddad has taken a 100 km swimming challenge, which will take one year to complete to raise funds for brain tumor research.

Alan Holmes, who lives in Bedlington, Northumberland has taken up the challenge that includes swimming in the North Sea at Cullercoats Bay throughout the year 2021. He will swim 400-500m in one time, and through this, he aims to raise funds for brain tumor research.

Matthew Pullan

His motivation, he says, is his grandson, who is fighting a brain Tumour currently. The 71-year old is all geared up to attempt the challenge and has a target of fundraising £1,000 for the research.

Granddad motivated to help cure the grandson’s brain tumor condition

Granddad ‘Alan Holmes’ 18-year old grandson was diagnosed with a second tumor in June last year. ‘Matthew Pullan’, his grandson, lives in Bury, Great Manchester, and underwent surgery in 2020 to remove the tumor, after which he is now on chemotherapy. Matthew Pullan was three years old when he was diagnosed with an ‘Ependymoma’.

Matthew Pullans

The tumor was then operated upon and removed, and the recovery process was also smooth for him, but destiny took the wrong side again after 15 years. Talking about his current condition, Alan Holmes told the media that Matthew’s prognosis is poor, however, he is trying his best to live to the fullest and not be bogged down with his cancer. “I am so proud of him”, said Holmes and says that the boy is doing his studies from home alongside blogging about his diagnosis and treatment.

Brother ‘Alex Pullan’ ran every day to raise funds in 2020

Ale and Matthew

Matthew’s twin brother Alex Pullan’ raised £10,000 for Brain Tumour Research for his brother last year through a running challenge of 5k every day. He ran every day until Matthew’s radiotherapy lasted and also posted about it on the fundraising website. He also said that the twins were extremely close to each other and Matthew also is a runner but can’t run at the moment owing to high-grade cancer. He raised the funds for the charity Brain Tumour Research, and he loved to donate for the research which would help Matthew and other people suffering from terminal brain cancer.

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Matthew Pullan

The identical twins had lost their mother eight years ago to Breast cancer. When the family found out about the new, 4cm by 4cm primary tumor in the cerebellum part of Matthew’s brain, it was a huge shock for them.

Granddad feared cold waters but took up the challenge to help research

Matthew’s granddad Alan Holmes, who is now doing the swimming challenge for the Brain tumor research, says that this is a major attempt for the 71- year old, however, it is insignificant as compared to what Matthew is going through. He aims to complete the challenge by swimming five days a week during daylight. His accessories include a wetsuit, thermal hat, footwear, and gloves. He said that earlier he had inhibitions in getting into the cold water and wasn’t sure if he wanted to take up the challenge. However, when he thought about why he is doing it, he got motivated to attempt the swimming challenge.

Matthew is also amazed by his granddad’s challenge and is impressed by his efforts to help the brain tumor research cure unfortunate conditions as faced by Matthew.


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