Has an American Professor Discovered COVID-19 Cure in Uganda?

Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament sparked controversy with this claim that a local pharmaceutical company is about to discover the “cure” for the coronavirus

Kadaga speaks to the MPs about the COVID-19 cure
The speaker of the Parliament of Uganda, Honourable Rebecca Kadaga. Twitter Images

In a country with almost no coronavirus cases, an American scientist has discovered its cure. Rebecca Kadaga, the Uganda Parliament Speaker, allied with the producers of the COVID-19 cure. She said in two weeks, the cure which instantly kills the coronavirus will be in circulation for free.

The speaker told the Members of Parliament that they would distribute the cure for COVID-19 to Ugandans first. This is a country that has not yet registered any cases of COVID-19 infections. The only case Uganda has registered so far was on 22 March 2020. This case is a Ugandan who left for Dubai four days before the travel ban, and on returning, he tested positive at Entebbe airport.

Kadaga said the DEI Community in Luzira, Kampala will create the first drug to destroy the COVID-19 instantly. Social media undoubtedly captured the Parliament Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, telling MPs that a US scientist discovered a drug to eliminate coronavirus instantly. The scientist is co-producing the COVID-19 cure in Uganda. On Tuesday 17 March 2020, Kadaga clearly declared to parliament that a Ugandan biochemist from Busoga, Mathias Magoola, is collaborating with Prof. Sarfaraz K. Niazi, an advisor to the Congress and government of the United States.

A video of the Professor and Magoola’s meeting on various social networking sites with the President of Uganda and Kadaga has since become more famous. Some viruses have a vaccine. Her remarks have been disclosed because there is no proven treatment for coronavirus. Nor do all known viruses like HIV / AIDS have a cure. The US and European scientists estimated that producing a coronavirus vaccine will take up to one year. Ugandans now ridicule Kadaga.

“Doctors Aceng and Atwine work with Ugandan experts to address global issues like Aids and Malaria. I’m sure that on COVID-19, they are doing the same thing. Conversely, it’s disrespectful to these hard-working men and women to take a joker from the streets and assemble him in front of the Head of State,” one user stated.

The irony is, Uganda has no COVID-19 cases. Why in the world would a professor from America produce a cure and give it to Ugandans, first?

The Reactions about the COVID-19 Cure

“America has several growing cases, but Uganda has none. Shockingly, an American is in Uganda to produce treatment for a country with no cases,” another user said.

Thomas Dumba, the immigration lawyer in the United Kingdom, said: “We need to know how he reached Uganda, and if his native country quarantined him for 14 days.

The Nile Post subjected Prof. Sarfaraz to a history test and discovered he has no COVID-19 cure. Scientists scheduled tests for a related vaccine to begin this year in the United States in April. The Ministry of Health said they were unaware of the spray or procedure when the public approached them. The Department indicated that in the event of the COVID-19 drug production, it would first undergo rigorous testing to gain approval from the appropriate authorities. Nevertheless, other Ugandans shared conflicting opinions, many of whom questioned the American scientist’s integrity or expertise for discovering the drug.

Janet Nakate wrote: “Where else has he tried it, and it worked? Why bring it to Uganda in all countries? How come the participants are only told now when the deal is already done? Should we say that if rejected by the people, you can send it back to him, or will you forcefully use it just like the many other times, e.g., the vaccines to our children? I hope he didn’t have to part with dollars in exchange for the lives of the innocent Ugandans. Perhaps, witnessing some of your people serving as study participants will help clear the clouds.” 

Samson Buwembo added: “How much have you been paid to wood wink Ugandans? Isn’t that American excited saving the lives of his fellow Americans where at least there are reported cases? Why don’t you first confirm before you communicate, Honorable Rebecca Kadaga? I’m losing faith in you.”

Walter Akwat said: “Does Parliament have the competence to make a declaration on the “instant killer” effectiveness of this spray? Did the American inventor go through the competent bodies (like NDA) before getting the Speaker’s lofty endorsement of his product? Why has the scientist preferred Uganda – without any registered case of coronavirus – to market his product instead of other countries that need it more than we do? Finally, given Parliament’s sheer incompetence to create an enabling environment for weeding out fake products from Ugandan markets, how can we trust this is not another fake product brought to a country where everyone seems to take advantage of system failure due to political interference in the domain of professional bodies?”

The Natives Lose Faith in the Government

Rue Kdc wrote: “Only asking Madam Speaker… Why can’t he use that cure in China or Italy instead of discovering it for Uganda with no COVID-19 cases declared?”

“You want to lure citizens with water to believe this is the treatment,” said Katonda Roger. The latest is people should observe sanitation. Say the facts to the men. Obviously, they have not yet discovered the solution.”

Kiranda Alexander said: “I believe it renders Uganda more accessible to the entire world by the gratuity of a patent and the support of the Uganda parliament.”

“The product is free of charge on the market,” said Mukasa Steven. “We will invest billions in elections but cannot spray/wash hands for free to cure coronavirus… And Ugandans will be in queues voting in 2021.”

“Why don’t Ugandans discover the virus? Why don’t Ugandans figure out what went wrong with their research institutes?” said Yusuf Ampurire.

“I told the House they discovered a hand-wash spray, which destroys the coronavirus instantly. Similarly, Uganda has been given free patents by Prof. Sarfaraz K. Niaz, the American inventor, who was here over the weekend. He worked with Matthias Magoola, a Ugandan biochemist of the DEI Group, in the suburbs of Luzira. The coming week, the product will be on sale,” Rebecca Kadaga said on Twitter.

Some people have questioned whether the above professor has been quarantined for the 14 days necessary. 

“Simply because he claims to be a professor does not mean he is credible. For all we know, he might be another conman,” wrote another Ugandan.

There are so many questions in people’s minds, yet, no answers. Later, the speaker, Rebecca Kadaga, asked a scientific panel to apologize for challenging her integrity with respect to the vaccine against coronavirus. It followed ridiculed comments by a party of physicians from the Uganda Medical Association on social media and insults.


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