Has Russia released Lions and Tigers to Enforce Quarantine?

Posts and videos spread across social media that Putin released lions and tigers on the streets of Russia.

Russia released lions?
Russia rewards her faithful citizens. Twitter Images

There is no smoke without fire. No one wakes up one morning and come up with a story unless there was some truth in it. The world is wondering if Vladimir Putin released lions and tigers on Russian streets to keep people quarantined.

Posts and videos spread across social media that Putin released lions and tigers on the streets of Russia. The media reported the Russian government was using this to guarantee citizens stay in their houses during the coronavirus epidemic.

On 23 Monday, March 2020, Russia reported 71 new infections, raising its official figures of the coronavirus cases in the world to 438. Russia is battling a lethal global COVID-19 outbreak. In terms of coronavirus outbreaks, Russia is three weeks behind Italy, and they fear the cases to spike, similarly to the European cases.

Corona cases

Facts and Reality

The media still went frenzy, believing the Russians were issued two choices by Vladimir Putin. “You live 2 weeks at home or 5 years behind bars. No center terrain.” Social Media nearly exploded with this news.

Lions on the streets
Tweets about the incidence. Twitter Images

The pictures on Twitter suggested if a 15-day home quarantine fails, the people of Russia will face a five-year sentence in prison. For this reason, Vladimir Putin released lions and tigers, around 500 to 800, throughout the country to push people home with the slogan, “Everyone, stay safe! Keep secure! All that is falsified.”

The truth is, a rare Siberian tiger was roaming the streets of Russia near Vladivostok. The streets looked like a Russian Safari. This incident was not in the Arctic or South Africa as everyone is claiming, but it was right in the middle of Vladivostok Khabarovsk. Russia’s far east media studio got footage of a tiger roaming the streets of Russia from a Russian citizen. This, of course, would discredit the reputation of the game rangers in charge of keeping these wild animals locked away for safety.

Putin Rewards His People

After some research on the claims made in the photos, the media found Russia did not release the lions or tigers on its streets. In reality, the lion’s image on the road dates back to 2016 in South Africa. The authorities in Moscow declined a lock-up of any city in Moscow. Facts are, a tiger truly roamed the streets of Russia, but that was eight years ago. That video footage was sent to the media in Russia.

The news that Russia released lions and tigers is controversial to what is really happening in Moscow. On the contrary, Putin is giving away free money to his citizens if they adhere to the rules set in place to combat the virus. To implement safety measures, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, directed all 65-year-old residents of Russia and above to isolate themselves at home beginning Thursday. He added that each senior citizen would earn 4,000 rubles (50) $ as gratitude in obedience to the request. The Kremlin instead confirmed this order does not apply to President Vladimir Putin, who is 67 years old.
In the meantime, due to the coronavirus outbreak, all governments globally suggested their citizens remain indoors. They should only move in case of an emergency or when it is unavoidable.


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