Healthy Relationship Habits, People Think are Toxic

mindful relationship habits

Do you remember those days of Facebook, when your relationship status choices were “single”, “in a relationship”, or “it’s complicated”? It’s always wondered, which relationship isn’t complicated? People who think relationships should be simple has never been in one for long. Many people think the relationship shouldn’t be hard: they’re all single.  Having a healthy relationship requires comparability, patience and understanding between the two.

The fact is, no two relationships are similar, and nobody truly realizes what goes on in other people’s relationships. The couple who looks so happy on social media likely could be posting those adorable photographs out of desperation, trying to convince themselves that they are cheerful when they’re angry and lonely in real life. 

It’s important to create healthy strategies for managing conflict because every relationship is special, so what works for certain couples probably won’t work for other people. Some people may even seem to be toxic, but that doesn’t mean they are. Here are some relationship habits that everybody believes are toxic, but that is perfectly healthy. 

1. Spending Time Apart

Sometimes absence truly makes the heart fonder. If things are a little rough among you and your partner, taking a break truly can be the best activity. Being a part of a couple shouldn’t mean losing yourself; it’s alright to have separate interests, spend time with different friends, and even take separate vacations every so often and in fact, it’s healthy. When you return, you’ll have the option to appreciate each other much more. 

2. Hurting Each Other’s  Feelings

Sometimes it’s wise to save your partner ‘s emotions and be caring, even if you need to lie a little bit to do it. There are many times in a relationship when you will need to tell your partner something they would prefer not to hear. Something that is going to hurt them, or makes them angry, or potentially even devastates them.

Most of the time, just covering up the truth makes things worse. Walking on eggshells and keeping things from your partner can protect their feelings for a short time, however, at last, it can hurt them much more. 

3. Walking Away from Fights

Sometimes, if you and your partner are fighting, you may find yourself overpowered and expecting to step away. That is not a bad move, particularly if the fight is getting messy. 

It’s never healthy to stay in the same place arguing and getting nowhere. One of you should be an adult and get a break. This implies taking time apart from the circumstance so you can regroup and come back together rational. 

The same is valid for subsequently when feelings are as yet running high. The standard advice is that you should b consistently keep the lines of communication open after a fight. Walking away to a room slamming the door or going out with friends is considered toxic behavior. But, after a fight, your adrenaline is streaming and feelings are running high. Hence, trying to accommodate promptly can not only be difficult but can some of the time cause the fight to begin again. So as long as you try to restart communications later, it’s perfectly adequate to escape. 

4. Going to Bed Angry

One of the more typical pieces of healthy relationship advice is that couples should never head to sleep while still angry at each other. There have even been studies shows that doing such could negatively affect your relationship. But, it’s not generally the best choice, particularly if you don’t have the energy and time to properly resolve the conflict. It’s difficult to glare at somebody in silence when you can barely keep your eyes open. So why should do it? Get some sleep and resolve things when you are rested. Having a difficult discussion when you are tired is never a good idea. 

5. Being Willing to End Relationship

Romantic sacrifices are idealized in our way of life. Sometimes the only thing that can make a relationship effective is ending it at the proper time before it turns out to be excessively damaging and the ability to do that enables us to build up the important limits to support ourselves and our partner grow together. 

We have no reason to work on ourselves and grow because our partner must be there. And our partner has no reason to work on themselves and grow because we are there for them no matter what. It invites stagnation and stagnation equals sorrow.

6. Not Putting Each Other First

In a relationship, your partner ought to be your priority, correct? Putting their needs before yours and being selfless are frequently proclaimed as the most perfect of love. But, this can prompt annoyance, just as veering into a mutually dependent area. Rather than putting your partner first, or putting yourself first, consider putting the relationship first. It may think about your relationship as a different entity from you or your partner; as a real thing, you have made together. Taking good care of your relationship may mean prioritizing your needs over your partner ‘s needs sometimes.

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