Hong Kong Protests
image via flickr

Flight check-in discontinued at Hong Kong airport, one of the world’s busiest airports, amid pro-democracy demonstrations. The airport has been serving as the hotbed for the anti-government protests since Friday.

Videos on social media continued to show how passengers at the Hong Kong airport had to suffer to pass through the protesting crowds seeking to block the airport departure. The China-backed Chief Executive of the city made a fresh warning against the protestors. Carrie Lam alluded to the Hong Kong situation which he thought had “reached (a) dangerous situation” and that violence during protests would push it “down a path of no return”.

Political unrest in Hong Kong looks like a permanent guest, with no sign of returning. What is happening inside the airport is being broadcasted, besides images depicting appeared to show the demonstrators using luggage trolleys to make barriers.

Hong Kong protests at the airport have particularly disrupted by the violent protestors who have now physically stopped passengers from getting through boarding.

Due to Hong Kong protests, already in its tenth consecutive week, the international flights have badly affected. Particularly, Asia bookings to the region have seen dramatic drop. During 27 days between July 14 and August 9, the flight bookings from the continent have reduced by 33% from the same period last year.