The modern generation is all about social media. Many older people blame these media platforms to engross young people in them. But something 100% positive happened through social media in Hong Kong. Thousands of people protest the government-sponsored legislation. The entire movement was peaceful, but on last Sunday it became violent and police used tear gas and pepper spray to drive away from the protesters from the place.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are popular for sharing images, videos, messages, news, and so many other things. But recently it has become one of the best ways where common people can share their views and protest online. In order to build a fruitful public opinion, modern people have to accept the blessing of social media.

In Hong Kong, social media users are sharing and posting pictures of wilted or blooded Bauhinia flowers to show support with the protesters. They also use hashtags like #HongKongProtest and #FightForHongKong.

Impact of social media protest

After getting china back in 1997, Bauhinia blakeana was incorporated as its new flag. But now the pictures with blood on it mean that the protesters are suffering and do not get the justice. People and government of every country are taking social media platforms seriously than before. The viral images, profile picture frame change, and supportive status to the protesters from people have left a greater impact on the decision of the government. Protesters also got international support online. Like other countries, China does not offer its countrymen to post all the things on the internet. The internet is tightly controlled by the government and contents are also heavily regulated. You know WeChat is a popular platform, one journalist has reported the images of the protest and the images were censored on weChat.

Common people’s reaction

Apart from these, some encrypted platforms such as Telegram, Whatsapp, and signal have taken a greater role to let organizers coordinate the protests. According to the local media reports, one admin of telegram group got arrested for planning to encourage public nuisance. And on the same day, Telegram founder shared that Telegram has faced a massive cyber attack originated from the same place, China.

“We are trying to use the power of the people to tell the government to stop,” Lee Cheuk-yan, a politician and activist.

In a country, where the Internet is tightly controlled and contents get regulated heavily there this kind of protest really an astonishing fact. With the restrictions, people have shown their support to the protesters. And that is really great. All the democratic country should allow its countrymen the freedom of speech. It is beneficial for the entire growth.


In order to withdraw the bill from the government, common people have to go to the street with unity. Until the withdrawal of the bill, protesters will continue the protest and have a big march again on coming Sunday and Monday. The Hong Kong legislative council has delayed the second reading of the bill. And when it will take place, cannot be guessed. But also the government is maintaining it for not backing down.