Honk introduces a real-time, ephemeral messaging app

This new mobile app helps you to communicate through live messages with a result that you feel much more alive in the conversations.

Honk introduces messaging app

A new mobile app, known as Honk, wants to make friends messaging more attractive and interactive, with an amazing experience.

Instead of sending the texts into the void and hoping to get a response, the Honk users are able to communicate through live messages. The result is that you will be more alive in the conversations as Honk notifies the users when someone is going to leave the chat. If you really need someone’s attention, you can send them a notification to join the chat, known as “Honk.”

Once you set up your account, you can click on a friend’s name and send them a message.

When you type, the other person will see the text you are entering in real-time, including the pauses that would be missed. This “live typing” is just like the early messaging app ICQ or the innovative collaboration tool Google-Wave.

In Honk, you have around 160 characters with which you can type your thoughts, and this counts on the right side of the screen, just below the conversation bubbles. However, you don’t tap a “send” button to share the message. Instead, you can just click on the double arrow “refresh” button and clear the screen to type something new.

None of the conversations are stored, and there isn’t any history to look for. This is just like messaging apps, such as Messenger’s Vanish Mode or Snapchat, for example. Snapchat has been quite successful so far as it recently acquired AI Factory for $166 million. 


If you want to get someone’s attention, just write “Honk” and send them notifications. If this sounds absurd, then you aren’t the target for Honk’s messaging experience.

The app is aiming at largely teenage users. When Honk asks about your age during setup, you can select a number from the list. The last option on the list is “21+.”

Honk wants to draw the interest of Generation Z. It has even marketed them on the social media app, Tiktok, where it has created over 140K+ likes, despite uploading its first video just yesterday. The founder of Honk, Benji Taylor, noted that there have been around 550,000 “Honks” sent till December 23, 2020. However, as of today, the number has crossed one million.

The Product Hunt founder and Weekend Fund Investor, Ryan Hoover, said this about Honk, “It has been designed quite well. Benji and his team went through the small details, from the sounds to the animations.”

Taylor didn’t give a full interview when reached out, noting the team was mainly focused only on building the product.
Taylor said in a statement, “We are working on Honk for some time now. Our main agenda is to make messaging fun and empower the people to communicate in amazing ways that take the relationships to a deeper place. However, we are just a small team building for ourselves and our friends.”

Honk has been struggling with several new sign-ups at its launch. According to Honk, the reporters sometimes say that they are offline when they aren’t. Honk acknowledged these issues on Twitter and said that it’s trying to resolve them.

Currently, the app is free for download on iOS. It doesn’t include any in-app purchases or other obvious business models.

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