How Fake is Professional Wrestling?

Pro wrestling has always been a heated topic among the young wrestling fans. The biggest question, which pops up, is whether professional wrestling is real or fake. Read until the end and you will get the answer to this question.

When you look up for the exact definition of pro wrestling you will find out that it is performance art and entertainment, which includes physical and theatrical performances.

In wrestling, two opponents fight each other for a certain prize. This concept dates back to ancient times. The Roman and the Greeks used the freestyle way of wrestling. The wrestling bouts of the Romans were more physical in comparison to the Greeks. This kind of wrestling has survived until today in the form of Olympic wrestling, in which there is a set of rules.

Pro wrestling, in general, has many differences as compared to Olympic wrestling. Professional wrestling has predetermined outcomes. In fact, the biggest wrestling company on the planet, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), has a staff of producers and writers who come up with a number of eye-catching and breathtaking storylines. The writers do this to increase audience viewership.

John Cena Vs Miz photo by B & D Gaming Production


The two Wrestlers in the ring are performers, so they are not looking to beat up each other. In fact, they are just putting on a show. Sometimes, even the bitterest enemies on the show are best friends in real life.

Having said this, the personas of the professional wrestlers have become so mixed up with their daily lives that it is impossible to guess what’s fake and what isn’t. Consider two common household names, Hulk Hogan and The Rock. No matter how many movies the Rock makes, he will always be best known for his wrestling character.

You might be wondering now that if wrestling is fake, why are the injuries real. Wrestling isn’t fake, like movies or dramas. Although it is scripted, the physical aspects are real. In fact, the wrestlers take years to perfect their moves and learn how to do them safely in the ring. There is certainly nothing fake about one wrestler jumping on another from a 20-foot ladder.

In fact, Alberto Del Rio, a famous wrestler stated, “If someone thinks wrestling is fake… storylines, sure, but if someone says that he doesn’t watch wrestling because it’s totally fake, he should try doing it first”.

Recently, Dana White, the CEO of Mixed Martial Art (MMA), called wrestling as “Fake B.S”. These comments received a lot of backlash from the wrestlers and wrestling fans on social media. Wrestlers like Seth Rollins pointed out Dana White’s absolute ignorance about being a wrestler.

Even though most people know that professional wrestling is scripted, its business is booming and it is more popular than any other wrestling form. The fan base of WWE is growing day by day. The WWE CEO Vince McMahon inherited a small company from his father. However, he quickly beat all his competitors through decades of hard work. As of today, Vince McMahon is a billionaire and the net worth of WWE is $3.5 billion. WWE hit the one billion followers mark on social media in March 2019.

Linda McMahon, the wife of Vince McMahon, who also spent some time as the CEO of WWE, has a small administrating role in the Trump administration. Vince McMahon also has friendly relations with President Donald Trump.

The crux of the above discussion is that wrestling is more scripted than fake. Well, consider this: It is more real than movies and everyone watches movies for fun. So, if you feel stressed and want to escape reality, you should watch professional wrestling.

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