Netflix is an American media-service provider founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Netflix offers online streaming of a library of movies and television programs, including self-produced projects.

Online Video Streaming through Netflix

Netflix started out as a DVD rental company. In the year 2007, Netflix delivered its billionth DVD and slowly began to move away towards the online video streaming service.

Impacts of Netflix

Netflix has the biggest impact on the film and television industry. With the introduction of ‘Netflix Originals’ or content that Netflix produces, co-produces, or distributes exclusively through its services, Netflix no longer remains a platform to watch old films or TV shows. Some of the most popular Original Netflix TV shows are Orange is the New Black (2013), House of Cards (2011), Stranger Things (2016), etc.

‘Netflix and chill’ has now become a part of common parlance. People prefer to watch movies on Netflix rather than in theatres.

Reasons for the success of Netflix as an online video streaming platform

Netflix has more than 130 million subscribers in the world (2018). The growth of Netflix from a DVD rental company to the world’s leading provider of international video streaming services is fascinating as well as inspirational. There are a number of reasons why Netflix gained success worldwide.

  • Provides the comfort of watching movies at home-

Netflix grants its subscribers the privilege of watching the latest movies and broadcasts at the comfort of one’s home, without going to theatres and spending money on tickets.

  • Personalized Content –

Netflix uses many algorithms to match contents according to the subscriber’s preferences and past choices.

  • Multiple profiles can be used to access one account –

Up to five profiles can be made from a single subscription. This feature is useful for families who may browse content through different devices.

  • Unlimited access to Netflix libraries –

Except for some limitations, Netflix allows all its members to access all its libraries with no restrictions. From any part of the world (with an internet connection), you can stream videos on Netflix.

  • Easy Process –

The complex procedure of renting a DVD led to the declining sales of DVD rentals, Netflix’s video-on-demand service is easier to get as the procedure is extremely simple. All one has to do is subscribe to it and receive all the desired movies, TV shows, broadcasts, etc. in a single platform.

  • Always innovating and updating –

Netflix keeps changing its algorithms to give its users a better-personalized experience. It always looks for new technology and keeps ahead of trends in order to become unique in its own way.

Netflix allows viewers to binge-watch Netflix TV shows. It gives its members the authority to modify their libraries according to their preferences. Netflix operates in more than 90 countries. It supports more than 25 languages. It also produces original vernacular series, recent examples being Sacred Games and Mirzapur (India).

Netflix is the world’s seventh largest internet company by revenue. It has the largest number of paid subscribers among video streaming platforms. Netflix has not only redefined the online video streaming platform, but also made drastic changes in the online entertainment industry as a whole.