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Iran is the world’s emerging global power with nuclear capabilities and with inter-continental ballistic missiles that can easily reach as far as the US, its worst enemy. And due to its sufficient manpower and unlimited military and nuclear capabilities and the near-to-perfect ICBMs, it wants the Iranian revolutionary guards not to sit idle and rather justify their exorbitant salaries that even exceed that of the US soldiers.

For the same reason, it has attacked twice in nearly a month the ships floating in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf. This time the attack was aimed at two ships, leaving a ship ablaze and both adrift. With the capabilities to confront the joint forces of the US, Saudi Arabia and UAE- Iran had the temerity to engineer such a daring on a time coincided with a diplomatic meeting between the visiting Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe and the Supreme leader of the country, Ayatollah Khamenei.

The original Iranian plan failed to kidnap the visiting PM who was on a mission to defuse tensions between the isolated country and the US which could not be worse in recent decades.

The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who is also a part-time spy and full-time a warmonger, wasted no time in blaming Iran for the attacks, using a wonderful and irrefutable common-sense that no non-state actor could have such capability, “resources and proficiency to act with such a sophistication.” So concluded that Iran is a certified culprit, in the eyes of global community led and defined by the US, in the absence of any hard evidences.

The US Secretary of State was about to blame further that the original plan of Iran after sabotaging the tankers, both this time and in May, was to steal the oil contained in the ships and to get them transferred to the oil refineries of Iran through invisible pipes before selling them in the black market. But he dropped this blame which sounded even more stupid than the original act by Iran of attacking the ships.

In all this act, Saudi Arabia has been the most innocent party, always in search of peace in its neighborhood as one can see its peace missions in Syria and Yemen. The Saudi government has been trying to establish global peace with the US assistance, but Iran’s ambitions to take over the US as the new global power has been the irritant, causing any peace initiatives from materializing.

Last month also four ships were sabotaged by Iran, off the coast of the United Arab Emirates. But yesterday’s attack was more outrageous in the sense that it was a diplomatic blasphemy as it came at the time when the Japanese PM was on a benevolent mission in Iran. But the arrogance and callous leadership of the country in response to the visiting PM’s goodwill mission, attacked the oil tankers belonged to “Japan-related cargo” as the Japan’s trade ministry put it.

Anyway, the best thing was that the Japanese PM has narrowly escaped from Iran after a failed talk with the arrogant Supreme Leader Khamenei, who wants to become the strongest man of the world. With his escape, the US has lost another opportunity to wage war against Iran to protect its ally.