How to Gain Weight

In today’s era, where many people are struggling today to lose weight there are some people all over the world who struggle to “gain weight”. Yes, it might sound strange but it is a fact. Nowadays, people are getting obese by following some unhealthy lifestyle habits and eating unhealthy food and thus giving an invitation to many chronic health issues. But on the other hand, there are many people who are struggling to get rid of a skinny personality and have a perfect body by putting on some weight.

Sometimes it gets very difficult for some people to gain weight, but it is not impossible. But have you ever realized, why is it so? That even after eating too much some people are not able to gain weight.

Let’s discuss the reasons why some people find it so difficult to gain weight.

Reasons That Prevents You to Gain Weight:

Genetics: Genetics is one of the most responsible reasons for people who are not able to gain weight easily. Some people naturally possess low BMI because of their genetic makeup or family history and that is why it is difficult for them to gain weight.

Metabolism rate: If a person’s metabolism rate is high, then he/she will not gain as much weight as a person who has a low metabolism despite eating high-energy food.

Higher Level of Stress: Mental peace plays a vital role for a person to gain weight. If a person is dealing with a high level of stress, then it becomes very difficult for them to gain weight because poor mental health adversely affects a person’s appetite or his/her ability to eat.

Thyroid: Hyperthyroidism is also one of the reasons that prevent an individual to gain weight. If a person has hyperthyroidism, then he/she will face weight loss because, in hyperthyroidism condition, the thyroid gland produces excessive thyroid hormones which resist a person to gain weight because of high metabolism.

Cancer: Cancer is also a factor that is associated with rapid weight loss, weakness, tiredness, lack of appetite, etc.

TB (Tuberculosis): TB or tuberculosis also prevent one to gain weight and causes tiredness, excess sweating, coughing, etc.

Ways to Gain Weight:

If you are willing to gain weight fast, you will have to consistently work for it in the same way as people do to lose weight. There are various ways that can definitely help you in gaining weight without costing any money. Below are the ways listed that will help you to gain weight naturally.

Consume More Calories:

One simple formula to put on weight is to take as much calories as you can in a day. Add high-calorie food to your diet, such as butter, nuts, cheese, avocado, dry fruits, sweet potato and many more. This high-calorie food will help you a lot in your weight gain journey. You just have to stick with your diet including high-calorie food and other essential nutrients until you gain weight.

Never Skip Breakfast:

Sometimes people skip their breakfast in the hurry of going to the office or for any other important work. But you might not be aware of the fact, that having breakfast daily is one of the best practices to stay healthy. Breakfast means breaking your whole night fast by having some healthy food in the morning. And hence, it provides you the energy that is essential for you throughout the day. Therefore, it is advised to never skip breakfast if you are wishing to gain weight fast. You can include things such as banana, milk, peanut butter, apple, oatmeals, dry fruits, omelet, etc to your breakfast in order to gain weight in a healthy way.

Exercise Regularly:

As it is important to eat more for gaining weight it is also equally important to do some physical exercise on a regular basis for the same. Because adding only fat to your body is not enough, your body also needs some muscle mass. And for this, you need to some exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. You can try some easy exercises that are equally helpful than other types of exercises such as walking, running, lifting weights, body stretching exercises such as Surya Namaskar and many more.

Eat Small Meals Frequently:

When a person is underweight, he/she needs to eat frequently every 2 hours. Starting from your morning breakfast to the night’s dinner you should eat something in an interval of 2 hours. You can eat healthy meals such as dry fruits, peanuts, fruits, healthy beverages such as mango shake, milkshake, and some juices and healthy snacks, whatever you like.

Avoid Taking Too Much Stress:

As mentioned above in the reasons behind weight loss, taking too much stress adversely affects your body. You must avoid taking stress if you want to gain weight. You can try some exercises to get relief from stress such as meditation, yoga, etc.