Identity Thefts

Identity theft is becoming one of the most threatening frauds all over the world. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), it is found that identity theft is on the top in the consumers’ complaint list over the last 17 years. In research done in 2016, it was found that about 15.4 million American became a victim of identity theft. This data tells us that our personal information is at risk and we should be very careful and aware if we do not want to become one of the victims of any type of identity theft.

There are many types of identity theft such as driver’s license identity theft, mail identity theft, debit/credit card fraud, account takeover identity theft and many more. Let’s discuss about some common identity thefts that should be aware of in order to keep yourself safe from such frauds.

  1. Always Try to Hide Your Identity Documents in front of Strangers:

The most important thing that you should always keep in mind is, try not to open up any type of your identity document in front of any stranger or anyone whom you can’t trust. You should always try to keep your important identity documents safe from the eyes of others. For instance, if you are withdrawing cash from an ATM machine then you should be careful enough that no one around you should be able to get an idea of your password.

  1. Keep Changing Your Passwords:

Password is an easy loophole to steal anyone’s identity information for fraudsters. Nowadays, hacking passwords is not a big task for hackers. Thus your personal information that you think is secured by a password is actually not that much secure. Therefore, to stay protected from any kind of fraud, one thing that you can do is keep changing your all passwords. Whether it is of any bank account, debit card password or even mobile password. Do not save your important passwords in your mobile as it can make even more easy for fraudsters to steal your personal information.

  1. Keep Checking Your Bank Account:

In order to keep yourself protected from any kind of money related theft, you should check your bank account on a regular basis. Because nowadays, as everything is getting online it is very easy to empty your savings account just by stealing your identity information. You will not even be able to find out that you have become a victim of such a big fraud. So, make this a habit to check your bank account on a regular basis to stay protected from such frauds.

  1. Protect Your Social Security Number:

You should always try to keep your social security number safe as it can be the biggest reason for identity theft. Do not always carry your card with you as it is not safe. Try not to disclose your social security number in public.

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