Huawei in China controversy

Just last week, a few brands including Versace, Givenchy, Coach, Swarovski, Calvin Klein, and Asics, were caught up in the Chinese controversy for one country, two government. At the end of this week, Huawei has been unexpectedly caught up in the controversy also. To the shock of everyone, Huawei, the Chinese giants are about to face yet another backlash from its country of origin for allegedly disregarding her governance.

What Did Huawei Do Wrong?

The Chinese giant, according to BBC, was reported to have listed Tapei and Macau as separate countries and regions instead of being listed as parts of Great China. This was quite unexpected of the Chinese techie. Although most of the European brand may have been ignorant or carefree about the unethical listing of these regions (Hong Kong, Tapei and Macau) as separate countries or regions, the Chinese tech giant is least expected to overlook such anomaly.

Embedded in the Huawei smartphone settings, these regions were allegedly listed as separate regions and countries from China.

How are the Users and the Company Reacting to this?

The past few months have been moments to be proud of for the Chinese tech giant and the entire Chinese government. Huawei, being on the frontline of the US-China trade war, has received a lot of hits from the United States and the rest of the world for allegedly being tight-knit with the Chinese government. At this moment, with the company violating the country’s code, they are in a despicable state. Although Huawei management has refused to comment on the challenge, users are infuriated; BBC reported.

Users have gone on to express their disappointment from this occurrence as one openly questioned on Weido saying, “This is outrageous. This is how Huawei repays China?”

Consequent upon the silence by the Huawei team, another user has gone on to express his/her dissatisfaction with the way that Huawei is handling the challenge saying “Are you just ignoring [this] and [you’re] not going to explain why this happened? As a user of Huawei product. I am disgusted.” 

Many other users have reported that the issue has been fixed, as BBC reported on Friday.

Harvey’s Opinion

The Chinese tech giant, including Tapei, Hong Kong, and Macau as separate regions on its smartphone settings may have been an oversight from the development team because the world has recognized these regions/countries as separate countries from Great China for decades. There is little blame that you can throw on accused global brands, including the Chinese icon, Huawei.