Hundreds of Migrants Pushed Back in Mexican River

  • Hundreds of migrants wanting to move to the US through Mexico were caught and pushed back by Mexican authorities.
  • President Trump has pressured the Mexican government to tighten security in their borders.
  • Only 18,000 migrants are allowed to enter the US for asylum.
Migrants tried to cross Mexico through a bordering river.

Hundreds of illegal migrants who were trying to enter US land through Mexico were warded off by security forces on Monday. The incident happened on a river bend on Mexico’s southern border, Suchiate River. The river separates Guatemala and Mexico.

The migrants were mostly from Honduras. Local and international media such as BBC reported that the migrants were stopped by security forces firing tear gas to force the people back. Those who managed to cross were rounded up.

These migrants are believed to travel by water after being refused permission to cross a nearby bridge.

After severe pressure from US President Donald Trump, the government of Mexico has cut off the immigration routes to the US.

Now, there is no way for illegal migrants to enter US land through Mexico as the country’s security forces have toughened up, armed, and ready to dispel anyone who tries to enter the federal borders from Mexico illegally. The Flag of Mexico

Migrants vs. Armed Forces

During the commotion, more than a dozen migrants tried the gate of a bridge between the two countries.

Because security is tough on the bridge, a larger group pursued the Suchiate River instead.

Mexican National Guard troops deployed along the banks were wearing riot shields and have tear gas. To stop the persistent immigrants, it was reported that the troops have to throw tear gas.

The Gathering

Media sources such as BBC  and the Washington Post reported that the caravan was formed last week in Honduras. According to these reports, such a caravan is presented as a new test for the Mexican government. The people usually plan mass illegal migration like these.

Last year, the government of Mexico promised the Trump administration that it would initiate and step uptight enforcement within its borders.

The group migration that happened is believed to be the largest after one year of tight border security measures.

According to Mexico’s immigration agency, the migrants could cross the border and registered their claims. Such claims include the possibility of filing asylum applications. The government of Mexico even promised some that they would be given work permits.

These individuals are part of the more than 2000 group of migrants from Guatemala who are pushing hard to reach the US by the US border.

As of the moment, the individuals caught are in immigration centers while some of its leaders were taken to Mexico to initiate talks with the Mexican government.

According to the Mexican interior ministry, it has already taken about 1,100 migrants to the states of Chiapas and Tabasco. If the situation warrants it, the majority will be deported back to their place of origin.

Trump’s Steel Fist

Last year, President Trump imposed strict policies on immigrants seeking asylum in the United States.

The policy is known as MPP, and it requires that immigrants seeking asylum in the US to remain in Mexico while they await their court hearings.

Aside from these new policies, Trump has reduced the number of refugees that it will accept this 2020 to just 18,000 people. This is known to be the lowest in decades.


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