For several days, people have been constantly talking about the intense weather set to hit the Caribbean over the next several days. People have been preparing their homes for the absolute worse. As the storms continue in the area, some are preparing for the worst. According to BBC News, Hurricane Matthew is still striking the Caribbean in full force.

The storm is a making news due to its very strong intensity. BBC News is reporting that Hurricane Matthew is the strongest storm in the Atlantic in about nine years and is now being classified as a category 5. If the storm continues on its estimated path, it is set to hit Jamaica next. The collision of the storm with the island nation is very concerning, as the storm has winds strong enough to bring down entire homes. BBC News is also stating that the storms collision with the capital of the nation is a serious concern, as it houses the nation’s only oil refinery.

Jamaica is very aware of the damage the storm could potentially do and is preparing for the worst. BBC News is also reporting that the political officials and other teams are making sure shelters are in place for all that will need it. Many people of the nation are also taking personal precautions and buying their own food, water, and supplies to keep in their homes.

In addition to Jamaica, BBC News also reports that warnings for nearby nations like Colombia and Haiti have been issued. The storm is scheduled to hit Jamaica on Monday as it continues on its path. Many are expecting the storm to do some serious damage, as the last major storm close to the level of Matthew was Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Storms and natural disasters are a part of life that all must prepare for. As Matthew approaches some areas of the globe, people must hope for the best outcome, but be prepared for the worst.