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Hyundai works hard to give the best driving experience to its customers. The latest Hyundai Model, Hyundai Venue, is no exception. It is one of the most compact SUVs. The Korean automakers have made this model and it will be on sale by the end of 2019 or early 2020.

Release Date:

This SUV will be released in the 2019 New York Motor Show. According to the company, the SUV will be on sale on 21st May 2019.

The New York Motor show is a 10-day event, which displays a variety of cars. This time, the South Korean auto manufacturer Hyundai are also participating in the event. They will introduce Hyundai Venue for this event. The greatest attraction of this SUV is that it is quite affordable.


The starting price of the Hyundai Venue is around $18,000. To give you an idea, the Subaru Crosstrek costs $27,000 and the Nissan Rogue costs $25,000. In comparison to these SUVs, Hyundai SUV is quite cheap.

Engine and Ride:

This latest Hyundai model contains a 1.6-liter-four-cylinder that bolts to a variable automatic transmission. The SUV contains standard front wheels. Since the SUV hasn’t been released yet, no one knows its horsepower. The Company also hasn’t shared this information public.

The fuel economy rating of Hyundai Venue is 33 mpg. The EPA hasn’t rated the SUV until now.


This model is based on the i20 platform. However, its production version gets its inspiration from Santro’s platform. On the front side of the SUV, a hexagonal cascade grille is present with a square-like face. The lower part of the bumpers contain LED lights and turn indicators.

The side view of the SUV gives an impression of Creta with wheel arches. The SUV also contains cut alloy wheels, which are similar to the ones present on Kona SUV. The SUV also features a C-pillar and a tall gate. This makes the inside of the SUV more spacious.

The SUV is just under 4 meters. It has a length of 3995 mm. The width and height of the SUV are 1779 mm and 1590 mm respectively. Its closest rival Mahindra XUV300 is a bit bigger.


Inside the SUV, there is a completely new world because of the large space. The cabin contains a combination of light grey and grey color on various parts. There are around four air vents in the SUV having rounded corners. The SUV also features a user-friendly touchscreen in the center.

The SUV also has a powerful sunroof. It also has an awesome information meter, which informs about the resolution and speed. It also shows real-time parameters, like engine heat and trip level. The back seats are also quite spacious. So, you can add additional luggage in the SUV.

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Hyundai Venue has many amazing connectivity features. The steering wheel has a telescopic adjustment with many multimedia features. The SUV also features traction control and automatic climate control. It also has a USB and 12V charging space inside the cabin.

The  Hyundai SUV

also features an 8-inch touchscreen display, which has many amazing features, like Wi-Fi, Apple CarPlay and Android features. Some other features include voice-controlled search and audio streaming. You also have the option to navigate your way through traffic.


The Hyundai manufacturers haven’t tested the SUV for safety tests yet. However, it contains many safety features, like six airbags, vehicle safety management (VSM), Hill assist control (HAC), automatic braking system, reverse parking sensor, and seat belt reminder.

The SUV also gives blind spot collision and traffic collision warning. These features make the SUV quite safe and reliable.

The Final Say:

Hyundai Venue is one of the most affordable SUVs in the market. It is best for intercity traveling because it is quite spacious. So, if you want to travel on longer routes with class, you should buy the Hyundai Venue.