It is common knowledge that Nigeria is the giant of Africa with almost 30 natural resources. The Oil and Gas sector happens to be the most sought after sector in Nigeria. However, the rate of unemployment in Nigeria is alarming. Most students graduate and they find it very difficult to secure a job.  According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), as of Q3 2018, the calculated unemployment rate was 23.1 percent, the underemployment rate was 20.1 percent, and the combined unemployment and underemployment rate was 43.3 percent. 

While the Q3, 2018 results show a rise in the rate of unemployment, it also depicts a slowing down in the rate of increase in unemployment, which is usually the first sign of improvement in reducing unemployment, as reported by CNBC Africa.

The monthly payment for a graduate entry is so little and not encouraging. The cost of living is what, most people can’t afford. Most first-class students are unemployed, surprisingly.

For those who are employed, salaries are usually small and not sufficient; other times, they are owed for months. A lot of people venture into entrepreneurship to sustain themselves. This is the wake of the nation.

With the rate of unemployment, a lot of young people have ventured into prostitution, cybercrime, cultism and even armed robbery and kidnapping.

If Nigeria has not failed in their responsibilities to her citizens, why will citizens migrate to another country, illegally? 

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