In Haiti: The Unanimous Call for Resignation of President Moise

Haiti protest for president's resignation
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Last weekend, on the call of Petrochallengers and Haitian opposition leaders, hundreds of thousands of Haitian people had protested at Port-Au-Prince and different provincial cities, to claim the resignation of President Jovel Moise who was allegedly involved in corruption.

The Haitian Court of Auditors (CSPJ) comes to produce a report they had investigated on funds state from Petro-Caribe. The story has shown how deeply Moise was involved in corruption. Before being president, he owned several fictive construction companies. Those firms have given him access to benefit several juicy contracts from Petro-Caribe funds. Once elected, he dived down the country into a vast misadventure having its agricultural project turned into a real disaster. However, he keeps making false promises to the Haitians without outcome. Above all, people saw their president as an imposter who should leave the seat of power.

How did he get to power?

After a controversial election, Moise assumed the presidency of Haiti in February 2017. This leader’s effort could yield any outcome to decrease the significant poverty that preys the country. On the contrary, the country has experienced unprecedented inflation, equivalent to an embargo period of 1991. The Haitian Gourds experienced a spectacular devaluation. In addition to that, Moise has openly make obstruction of Haitian justice, to avoid legal proceeding against money laundry and waste.

Why the Haitian People needs the Resignation of their President?

The Haitian presidency is the main obstructor to Haitian justice. After the first report of Haitian Senate on November 2017, president Moise, during an official trip to Paris, said that the movement of requests for accountability in Haiti is political persecution. Other president’s close official did everything to close the investigation. the senator Kedler Augustin, for instance, accuses the report saying it is “Politically motivated report.”

The Dynamic of Petrochallenger movement

In the beginning, when the Haitian-Canadian Gilbert Mirambeau triggered the campaign on social media to claim accountability. Where did Petrocaribe Money go? This campaign quickly became viral, mostly on Facebook and WhatsApp, and giving rise to many demonstrations. The Petrochallengers, as they call them, thought that they could boost the state to judge the accused. However, those who should give the order to the persecuting judge were the main suspect and justice obstructor. Consequently, the movement for the resignation of president Moise is changing. Somehow, the president should leave his position for a new leader with the ability to lead the country justly.

Jovel Moise’s Future

Since the launch of this movement against corruption in Haiti, it has for the first time gathered so many protestants. The call for a demonstration of the removal of president Jovel Moise reaches the most conservatives layer of the Haitian society. Often played hot and cold, in this regard, he denied his deeds and claimed that it was about political persecution. Notwithstanding the fact that he recognized the most significant problem for Haitian is corruption, if the accusations labeled against him are true, he is advised to make the best decision for his country and himself.


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