The highly anticipated sequel to the 2004 animated film “Incredibles” dominated in the box office weekend, raking in $183.2 million domestically. This figure eclipsed “Finding Dory,” another sequel to a popular Pixar movie, by almost $50 million.

In fact, the movie breached into the top ten box office opening weekends of all time, falling at number eight. It more than doubled its prequel’s opening, which made just $70 million.

Additionally, Disney needed this box office victory after “Solo” disappointed in its debut. The Star Wars film generated just $80 million in its box office opening, the lowest figure since “Episode II: Attack of the Clones” in 2002. “Incredibles 2” also more than doubled the Star Wars film.

Disney will likely see a rebound in sales throughout the summer. Further, not only will “Incredibles 2” continue to succeed, but movies like “Ant-Man and the Wasp” and a live action version of Winnie the Pooh are also debuting in the next couple months.

However, investors seem to be unimpressed by the film’s success. Surprisingly, Disney’s (DIS) stock is down 1.33% so far on Monday. However, this almost certainly does not stem from their films. Instead, investors are worried about the battle with Comcast for 21st Century Fox.

Further, analysts believe that the company will need to significantly increase its bid to acquire Fox, lowering the value of the stock for investors. And if it doesn’t acquire Fox, it will place itself in a bad position against companies like Comcast and AT&T-Warner. Hence, the situation is a lose-lose for Disney.

Nonetheless, the success of “Incredibles 2” proved the elite status of Disney as a filmmaker once again. Regardless of their acquisition of Fox, the company will still be one of the biggest media giants in the industry.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons