Indian Couple ‘Sacrificed’ their daughters claiming to revive them later

Police informed that the couple believed themselves to own some magical powers, and kept insisting that they will revive their daughters.

Two Sisters murdered in Andhra
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Two sisters were killed reportedly by their own parents in a shocking and bizarre incident on Sunday in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. The sisters, Alekhya, 27, and Sai Divya, 23, were reportedly killed with dumbbells, and the atrocious crime was done by none other than their own parents who were later arrested by the Police in their house. It was also reported that the parents were planning on committing suicide after killing the girls in an illusion to resurrect the whole family.

Two Andhra sisters
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Parents went spiritually into another zone, killing the two sisters

According to the Police, the murders are linked to the occult, as the parents were found to be highly delusional upon arrest. The two sisters along with their parents lived in a three-story house in ‘Madanapalle’ in the Chittoor district. The father ‘V Purushotham Naidu’ and mother ‘Padmaja’, both in their 50s are educated individuals but highly superstitious.

Andra Double Murder
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The father, a Chemistry Professor and Vice-principal at a Degree college in Madanapalle, reportedly called a friend around 9 p.m. on Sunday, telling him that they sacrificed their daughters to the Almighty. Upon hearing this, the latter informed the police who rushed to the spot.

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When the Police reached the family’s home, the parents of the two sisters did not let the police come in saying that they were performing important rituals in the house. However, the Police barged into the house, and found the two girls in red saris, lying in a pool of blood, with their heads bashed in. The area was filled with tantric (magic) objects strewn everywhere. The couple kept telling the police, “Give us time till the end of the night, we will bring them back.”

Two Sisters made to perform rituals before death

The neighbors informed the police that strange activities were going on in the house for a couple of days. No one was allowed in the house for 4 days before the incident. The family also seemed to have participated in rituals before the murders, as the neighbors told that the two sisters in sari were made to circle around the house.

Andhra sisters murdered
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Alekhya was working at the Indian Institute of Forest Management and Sai Divya was pursuing music at a separate Art institute. The two sisters had come home during the lockdown and lived with their parents since then. The gruesome murders of the girls by their delusional parents have shocked the entire nation, and many are also linking it to a similar tragedy of 2018 which occurred in the capital New Delhi. The couple, is currently under arrest and the police are investigating the matter further to check who all were in contact with the family for the last few days. CCTV footages from the house are also under investigation.


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