International Restaurant and Food Service Show of New York

International Restaurant and Food Service Show of New York
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It’s a once-a-year show, which focuses on serving the food industry of the Northeast. Moreover, it’s the only comprehensive event in New York that helps the Eastern US restaurant, food service, and hospitability market. The international restaurant and food service show of New York will take place at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. It’s the three days shows that give you chance to meet the top restaurants and food-serving professionals.

However, this is a must-attend show for anyone who involves in the restaurant, food service, or hospitability industry. Moreover, this show provides a strategic forum to demonstrate your food service, products, technology, and equipment. Additionally, you can also discuss your service solution with customers. The International Restaurant and Food Service Show of New York is a communication and information platform in the industry. Visitors can find in-depth information about the latest developments, trends, products, and services in various fields.

Some Major Aspects Of The Event

Education for Your Business

International Restaurant and Food Service Show of New York
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The educational program of the international restaurant and food service show of New York is the best in the industry. Moreover, this education program provides relevant, practical, and industry-leading content. The content applies to today’s food service professionals. This three-day educational seminar features industry leaders. These leaders share their business wisdom, the latest market trends, best practices, and perspectives on what makes a successful restaurant. The major topics of this program follow as:

  1. Menu development
  2. Marketing and social media
  3. Employees and staffing
  4. Bar and beverage
  5. Hot topics
  6. Technological advancement.
  7. Finance/ leasing.
  8. New ideas about food

Exhibitor’s Participation in the Show

International Restaurant and Food Service Show of New York
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A pool of exhibitors participates in the international restaurant and food service shows in New York. However, the exhibitors come from different parts of the country as well as from abroad related to the food service and hospitality market. These Exhibitors are the world’s top best exhibitors in the food industry. Some exhibitors exhibit at the show:

  1. American express open
  2. Bunge North America
  3. Chef Rubber. B&R (central baking cooperation).
  4. Forlenza and associate.
  5. Custom sales and services

Plan and Hotel Reservations Through Connections Housing

Connection housing is the partner of housing in international restaurant and food service show in New York. The connections housing provides discounted rates for the show. However, many other fake and low-standard parties are offering many offers to make you fool by using the show’s name.

They’re not affiliated with the international restaurant and food services show of NY. Try to book yourself with connections. You can book through their easy-to-use booking website. You should register on the NY show’s official website and make sure you double-check the date and address. Remember, if you book with a party other than connections housing please check their vendor perspective rating.

Why Attend The International Restaurant And Food Service Show of New York

The international restaurant and food service show of New York is going to begin on March, 05- 2023. This show will end on March, 08-2023. The show is taking place at Jacob K.Jvits Convention Centre New York. You will fall in love with the food and stands of the show.  You will discover live cooking shows and test samples. Moreover, you will enjoy the high-caliber expertise of the greatest food professionals in the industry.

This show will allow you to meet with highly professional Chefs in the industry. It’s a great place for you to empower your own business to a higher level. Let them know about your needs and they will help you with smooth offerings. Moreover, you can enjoy new foods to spice up your menu. This show will give you new ideas to attract more customers to your restaurant as well.

International Restaurant and Food Service Show
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Q1. Where is taking place the international restaurant and food service show of NY?

The best show of New York takes place annually in New York, United States. This show is going to be held at Jacob K, Javits Convention Center on the street 11th avenue.

Q2. What type of exhibitions commences in the show?

In the international restaurant and food service show of NY, there are many national and international exhibitors. They exhibit home decorations, Alimentary meals, drinks, natural food, party, the hotel industry, and other trade shows in the food.

Q3. Who organizes the international restaurant and food service show in New York?

Reed Exhibitions of USA organizes the NY show annually at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center of New York. The main aim of the show is to promote the food industry’s new restaurants with new kitchen technology.

Q4. Who’s the official partner for bookings at the NY show?

Many other websites or partners are claiming that they’re officials of the NY show. Connections housing is the only official partner of the NY show. To attend the NY show, you can book yourself here and enjoy the three days event.


The international restaurant and food service show of New York is a once-a-year show. This NY show is all about the restaurant and food service business with every product and service available for sampling. This show gives you the chance to meet with highly professional’s national and international chefs. This event in NY provides you with a platform to showcase your products and technology.

Moreover, through this show, you can stay up to date with new food trends for your restaurant. You can book yourself with the show’s partnering website. Connections housing is the only party of the NY show. This party offers a special discount and A-one hotels for you to attend the three days show. Everyone should attend the show because it’s a great place for new ideas. Additionally, the educational program of the show is the best part of the show.

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