Introducing a Turkish Hand Sanitizer with Natural Ingredients

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The importance of hand sanitizers amid coronavirus outbreak is increasing day by day. As far as Turkey is concerned, common sanitizers are not used there because they mostly run dry. Turkey has another very unique way to sanitize hands. They use cologne, which is one of the best alternates of hand sanitizers. It is also a sign of the hospitality of the Turkish people. Now the question is how it relates to hospitality. When some guests arrive at home, this fragrance is sprinkled on their hands, which is a symbol of respecting their arrival at home. Turkish people also use this after eating their meals in restaurants. Hence, we can say that it is in the daily usage of Turkish people. People place a bottle of cologne in their bedrooms, bathrooms, and even kitchens. Hence, it is always in reach of People.

Usage of cologne in different aspects

The substance is used in many religious occasions by Turkish people. People use it to give respect to other people. They also use it in food. Furthermore, it is used to welcome the guests heartily. It is also used in the hotels to receive the guests. People use it as a welcoming gift. It has too many uses regarding health. When it is sprinkled on the ice cube, it helps indigestion. When a person who is suffering from headaches rubs it on his temples, the pain is relieved.

Composition of Cologne

Cologne is the national scent of Turkey. It is the mixture of flowers of fig, rose, and Jasmine and citrus fruits. It can kill more than 80% of germs and viruses. It is much more effective than the regular hand sanitizer. It also contains at least 60%of ethanol. But most of the cologne has 80 % of alcohol in it. So it breaks the hard shell of the virus and destroys it.

Preparation of Kolonya or Cologne

Its preparation method is very simple. The first step is the fermentation of barley, and molasses to produce ethanol. Then, it is mixed with distilled water. Then, a lemon or rose fragrance is added to it. After that, it is left for three weeks. And then, it is poured into bottles.

Before the Introduction of Kolonya

At the beginning of the 19th century, when kolonya was not invented, people used rose water for fragrance, health purposes and to clean themselves. By the 19th century, cologne was introduced to the Ottoman Empire. Then, it was mixed with the rose water to form Kolonya. As far as the ingredients are concerned, there is no big difference between cologne and kolonya. Both have some rose water to oil ratio.

Approval of the Hand Sanitizer by the Turkish Health Ministry

The Health Ministry of Turkey claimed this unique sanitizer would fight against coronavirus on March 11 when the first case of coronavirus was detected. It inspired the media as well as the chemists to produce this product more and more. When the first case of coronavirus was reported in Turkey, the sale of this sanitizer increased by five folds. The demand for this fragrance was so high that the Turkish government ordered not to add ethanol in petrol instead use it in making this unique sanitizer and many other disinfectants against coronavirus.

Availability of Cologne in Public Access

Previously, it was found only in the laboratory in which chemists make it. But gradually, it moves toward shops, restaurants, and homes, etc. Now, it will spread in many other countries as well because it is very effective against the coronavirus. The rest of the world should also use the Turkish hand sanitizer that is also reliable with natural ingredients.

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