Iran Rules Out talks With US, EU To Discuss Nuclear Deal Revival

Iran rules out talks with US, EU to discuss nuclear deal revival
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Iranian officials have refused to hold informal meetings with America and western countries to discuss ways to revive the historic 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal. Tehran insisted that the US must first lift the crippling international sanctions.

According to the local media, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Sunday that given the recent statements and actions by America and the European nations, Iran doesn’t consider this the right time to hold such negotiations. In response, Washington’s spokesperson stated that it was disappointed by the announcement but said that it was ready to engage in inclusive diplomacy that could pave the way for a mutual return to compliance with the nuclear pact.


Previously, the Iranian officials had maintained that they were considering the EU foreign policy chief’s offer to hold talks with Western parties of the pact and the US, which reimposed economic sanctions after Trump unilaterally withdrew from the historic deal. The accord, brokered by the former Obama administration and signed in Vienna, aimed to ease economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for a curb on its nuclear activities.

However, since former President Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions, Tehran has increased its nuclear activity and violations of the pact. On the other hand, the newly-elected Biden administration and Tehran have been at odds over who should take the first step towards rejoining the pact. The US maintains that Iran must first start compliance with the deal, while Tehran said that Washington must lift sanctions first.

It comes a day after Iran’s nuclear chief urged the IAEA not to endorse the America-led push to criticize Tehran’s decision to scale back its cooperation with the international watchdog. Ali Akbar Salehi said that if the watchdog approved the resolution against Iran, “we will show an appropriate response.” Meanwhile, the experts are unsure whether the IAEA board of governors would accept the resolution when it holds its meeting this week.

Days ago, Iran stopped its commitment to the Additional Protocol agreed under the 2015 pact, which enables the international watchdog to carry out snap inspections at undeclared locations. However, under the new agreement with IAEA, the Iranian regime agreed to maintain recording extra data for at least three months and to let the watchdog access it if the international sanctions are lifted.

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