Year after year we come across a number of phrases like “music is dead” “music lost its touch” etc. But is it really? Is music really dead? Or we just pass these comments in the air?

The music industry continues to remain as huge as it was earlier. Nobody’s commenting affect the industry. We may claim music is dead, but when we go to parties, it’s the same rock songs that play and in which we groove. Along with grooving singing aloud, the same songs we call ‘dead.’

Let’s  dig a bit more into the matter

We all know that the majority of the countries in the world are democratic and we have the right to speak, but we must also abide by the phrase “think before you speak.”  The music industry has evolved till present, and every day a new kind of music is released – dope, rap, remix and what not.

Every day we tune into a new song and sing it all day. Though there is a bit of truth hidden that the songs of the older generation were class and one can never get over those. Even we hear our parents humming the old songs, and not only the elders, but even some of our age.

The old songs can’t be beaten in any way. Even the new singers have grown up listening to the songs of ‘The Beatles and Queen’ and even the new singers, whether Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus never fails to pay them respect.

Music today can be divided into rock songs and EDM songs. We mostly listen according to our mood. This clearly means that when we are in the chill mode, we listen to chill step and sing and dance our hearts out. When we are not in the mood of chilling, so we opt for rock music. So we cannot say that “rock music is dead” because it is not.

Taste in music matters

We all have our music taste. We keep our playlists updated according to our taste. Some like old classics and the majority prefers the new dope songs.  For the few who do not like the new songs may say that ‘music is dead,’ but modern music lovers will be ever ready to start a debate on it.

Rock music is really dead or not?

The above lines may be true in some cases like

  • If the person is a die-hard lover of old classics.
  • In a few remakes, the artists kill the beautiful old essence which leads to such lines
  • EDM and electronic music has taken over the music scene. So to some extent rock is not much preferred nowadays as compared to Chill-step, Trap, Pop, etc.

Towards the end

Rappers brought revolution to the music industry. They all work to achieve The Grammy. And we all like these kind songs, and this is the reason that their albums are sold out.

So saying “ Rock music is dead” may be proved wrong and right in many cases. It could just be your mood swings?