Israel Eases Lockdown Following Vaccine Success

Although face coverings are mandatory at public places, officials have allowed libraries, shops, and museums can open from Sunday.

Israel Eases Restrictions Following Vaccine Success
Israelis receive a Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine from medical professionals at a coronavirus vacc...

Authorities in Israel are easing down the coronavirus social distancing restrictions as they recently suggest that Pfizer vaccine shots are 95.8 percent effective in decreasing deaths and hospitalizations. Although face coverings are mandatory at public places, officials have allowed libraries, shops, and museums can open from Sunday.

Meanwhile, the country’s health ministry dubbed it as the first stage to return to post-coronavirus normal life. Currently, Israel has the highest vaccination rate in the world, with more than forty-nine percent of the population inoculated. Following the resurgence of the new infections of the respiratory disease, the authorities imposed its third nation-wide lockdown.


However, under the latest easing of restrictions, residents can now visit zoos, shopping malls, gyms, hotels, and synagogues across the country, albeit they have a “green passport”, a government certificate confirming the individual has been inoculated. The certificates are issued by the country’s health ministry and are contained in an app. With a cap of people, no more than 300 to 500, crowds are now allowed back at concerts and sporting events have reopened at seventy-five percent.

On the other hand, despite the ease of restrictions, the country’s airport will remain closed for another fourteen days. The health ministry said on Saturday that the new data reveals that almost 95.8 percent of the people who have received two doses of vaccine, their risk of illness has decreased. Besides, it also added that the shot was effective in preventing breathing issues and fever.

Meanwhile, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that the government expects ninety-five percent of residents to be inoculated over the next two weeks. Separately, Gaza received its first batch of coronavirus shots earlier this week after Israeli authorities approved the transfer of shots. It comes after the government in Tel-Aviv struck a deal with Palestinian officials to vaccinate a total of 100,000 people.

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